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zCoins are a form of currency used to purchase items from Zynga's RewardVille website to be used within FarmVille and other Zynga games.

Earning zCoins[]

Ways to earn zCoins:

  • Receive 10 zCoins for signing up at RewardVille.
  • Earn random 1 to 100 zCoins and zPoints from mystery gifts given by friends originating from the RewardVille website.
  • Score zPoints by playing any Zynga game (like FarmVille and Pioneer Trail). These zPoints add up until you raise your zLevel. Every zLevel increase earns you zCoins. zPoints are capped at 80 points per game per day and 300 total from all games. This means you have to play at least four Zynga games per day (80 points worth of play) to earn the maximum points per day.
zlevels Earning zcoins
1 to 10 5z
10 about 30 zcoins
10 to 20 10z
20 about 50 zcoins
20 to 30 20z
30 about 80 zcoins
30 to 40 30z
40 none
40 to 70 none

Spending zCoins[]

To spend your zCoins, go to Zynga's RewardVille website. Log in under your facebook account (upper right of page) then click the FarmVille link in the "Rewards by Section" menu (left side of page). Scroll through the multiple pages of reward choices and choose "Get It" under the item you wish to purchase. The item automatically goes into your gift box within the game.