The Woodchuck is an animal in FarmVille that looks exactly like the Groundhog, just without the tree stump.

It can be obtained through the 23rd Generation Mystery Box-icon Mystery Box. The Woodchuck is also a common reward, by the completion growing a Wildlife Habitat's Green Mystery Baby, released on the August 17, 2011.

Acquisition Edit

This animal can be obtained through clicking a farmer's neighbor feed of a Wildlife Baby. You can also get this Wildlife Baby from your own Wildlife Habitat.


Wildlife Habitat

Main article: Wildlife Habitat

The Woodchuck can be stored in the Wildlife Habitat. The Wildlife Habitat can be harvested every 1 day. When harvesting the Wildlife Habitat containing at least one Woodchuck, in addition to currency, it is possible to find a [[Mystery Baby|Mystery Baby or Animal Feed Wildlife Baby]] or Animal Feed.

Mastery Edit

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Mastery Level Mastery Points
Level 1 5
Level 2 7
Level 3 16
Woodchuck Mastery Sign-icon

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