Crops in Farmville will wither if they are not harvested in time. If a plant withers, it is dead and cannot be harvested. The farmer will gain no experience or coins for harvesting the crop. The crop must be cleared using the plow tool.

The amount of time crops are guaranteed to stay ripe is equal to their growth time. This means, if you plant a crop that takes four hours to grow, it will not wither up to eight hours. After this time, the crop will have a 'cushion period'. This period is equal to half of the growth time of a crop. During this period, the crop may be harvested but, at any time, could wither.

Strawberries (Example)

  • 4 hours to grow
  • 4 hours of ripeness
  • Up to two more hours of ripeness. At any time during this period, the crops may wither.

Due to some technical issues with loading of Farmville, Zynga has stopped withering of crops.

Loading Issues

Picture 1

Zynga have temporarily stopped withering.

Due to recent loading issues experienced by certain players, the withering feature has been temporarily turned off to ensure that farmers do not loose their crops. Zynga have said that the issue is being worked on; however, until then, crops will not wither.

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