Crops in FarmVille will wither if they are not harvested in the alotted time. Once a plant withers, you can either plow it and replant, buy Unwithers from the market, or you may wait 14 days and your neighbors will be allowed to unwither the crops when they visit your farm. Therefore, the farmer will lose potential experience points and receive no coins for harvesting the crop.

All crops on FarmVille will wither in 2.5 times their growing time. For example a 4 hour crop will begin to wither 8 hours after planted and the crops will wither randomly at different times for upto half the original growth time, or in 10 hours after planting. Some players have reported earlier and/or later wither times; but, the official word from Zynga Community Manager Lexilicious is that crops will be withered in 2.5 times the growth time.

Strawberries (Example) Edit

4 hours x 2.5 = 10 hours before withering.

  • 4 hours to grow.
  • 4 hours of ripeness.
  • Up to two more hours of ripeness. At any time during this period, the crops may wither at random times.

Loading Issues Edit

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Zynga have temporarily stopped withering.

When technical difficulties prevent users from successfully loading FarmVille for extended periods of time, Zynga turns off the withering feature and restores withered plots so farmers do not lose their crops. This theoretically will also prevent puppy hunger and keep your unfed puppies from the pound.

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