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The subject of this section was part of the Winter Holiday Event (2010), an event that lasted from November 24, 2010 until January 31, 2011. Since the event has run its course, this may no longer be available.

Winter Workshop is a constructable limited edition building in FarmVille. It was released on December 03, 2010 as part of the Winter Holiday Event (2010). It comes with one brick.

It works in same strategy as the Haunted House from the previous Halloween Event (2010). Once building Winter Workshop is completed, you will be able to harvest it for coins until special Holiday-Gifts are released. You cannot harvest your neighbours Winter Workshops, only yours. You can harvest from your Winter Workshop for gifts until 02/03/2011.

You are allowed to have only 1 Winter Workshop in your farm.

Winter Workshop is used in the 4 missions of the Winter Wonderland Quest.


There were a lot of reports of building materials disappearing, Zynga didn't let the players know about a bug fix yet.

Stage1 Stage2 Stage3 Completed
Winter Workshop1-icon.png Winter Workshop2-icon.png Winter Workshop3-icon.png Winter Workshop-icon.png
Stages with Holiday Snow and Lights Applied
Winter Workshop5-icon.png Winter Workshop6-icon.png Winter Workshop7-icon.png Winter Workshop8-icon.png
less than 4x Wooden Board-icon.png
less than 4x Brick-icon.png
less than 4x Nail-icon.png
4x Wooden Board-icon.png
4x Brick-icon.png
4x Nail-icon.png
15x Wooden Board-icon.png
15x Brick-icon.png
15x Nail-icon.png

20x Wooden Board-icon.png
20x Brick-icon.png
20x Nail-icon.png

Winter Workshop on the Farm[]

Screenshots of the Winter Workshop