The subject of this section was part of the Winter Holiday Event (2010), an event that lasted from November 24, 2010 until January 31, 2011. Since the event has run its course, this may no longer be available.

The Winter Wonderland quest was released as part of the Winter Holdiay. The Winter Wonderland quest is a series of four quests in FarmVille. It began rolling out to players on December 03, 2010 (in association with the Winter Workshop). It was presented by Zing the elf. Upon completion of each quest, farmers received a reward. Completing the fourth and last quest would award the farmer an unlimited Holiday Snow & Lights.

Some of the tasks can be skipped by paying Cash-icon  cash

Tasks to Complete in Each stage Edit

Quests Tasks Required Rewards
Quest 1
Tis The Season-icon

(Tis The Season)

Place 1 Winter Workshop on your farm Buy 1 Candy Arch from the market (decorations) - Coin-icon 2,500 coins
XP-icon 100 experience
1 Pine Tree
Quest 2
Under Construction-icon

(Under Construction)

Change landscape to snow blanket Place 4 Parts in your workshop. Get 6 Holiday Lights
(Ask Friends)
Skip Cash-icon10
Coin-icon 5,000 coins
XP-icon 250 experience
1 Silver Nutcracker
Quest 3
Holly Red and Wintergreen-icon

(Holly Red and Wintergreen)

Complete 1 Winter Workshop (12 Parts)
Skip Cash-icon12
Harvest 100 Spinach
Skip Cash-icon8
Harvest 100 Strawberries
Coin-icon 7,500 coins
XP-icon 500 experience
1 Holly Arch
Quest 4
Get in the Spirit-icon

(Get in the Spirit)

Get 6 Holiday Cookies
(ask friends)
Skip Cash-icon10
Harvest Your Winter Workshop 2 times
(Once Daily)
Skip Cash-icon5
- Coin-icon 15,000 coins
XP-icon 1,000 experience
unlimited Holiday Snow & Lights

Zing the elf Screenbar

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