Winter Wonderland is an extension of FarmVille and is the 4th Farm, excluding the expansion farms and mini farms. You needed to be at experience level 15 or above to use this farm. This farm uses the 12x12 expansion system.

Themes Edit

Winter Wonderland is 1 of 8 Christmas / Snow / Winter themed farms.

The other 7 farms are:

Startup Edit

You start with usual 12x12 farm with maximum 100 plots.

When you get there you starts with unfinished Orchard and Winter Animal Pen. The Winter Storage Cellar is already on farm. Sweet Shoppe is a Crafting Building on this farm. Polar Train Station is not deleteable and can not be moved - it is the same as the Lighthouse Cove. You will also get various amounts of Snow Treasures found in small, medium, large and extra large sizes.

Acquisition Edit

It was first mentioned in FarmVille on November 15, 2011. On November 29th, 2011 FarmVille started with early access for Cash-icon 55 cash. It's released to all players on December 5, 2011 by offering a Train ticket.

On January 31, 2012; Zynga removed access to the farm if the player had not visited the farm at least one time and performed an action or task.

On October 1, 2013; Zynga made all farms including this one accessible to all players, even if you have not performed any of the required quests and never have visited this farm before. You needed to be at Experience Level 15 or above to use this extra farm.

License - Winter Wonderland Edit

On April 18, 2012 FarmVille began giving free shipping license to players who upgrades their Polar Train Station to level 10.

For some players license will show up in Gift Box after harvesting the Polar Train Station, others will need to look inside train station and after closing will get pop up about free license. Some players reported that when the train station were at 100% they had "Look inside" option instead of the "Harvest" option after they went to the train Station to get the license.

Winter Wonderland License
Winter Wonderland Free License Notification

Train Ticket Edit

SpecialExpressTrainTicket FreeTrainService

Winter Wonderland Market Ticket

Players can buy an Express Train Ticket for 55 farm cash or wait for the Free Train Service.

Winter Wonderland Farm Early Access Market

Items Edit

The following items are locked to the Winter Wonderland farm.

Polar Train Station Edit

Main article: Polar Train Station

The Polar Train Station is similar to the Lighthouse Cove. You have to build it using the following materials:

Coal Tracks Railroad Spikes
Coal-icon Tracks-icon Railroad Spikes-icon

Building the Polar Train Station will give you chances of getting presents everyday!

Hidden Treasures Edit

Main article: Hidden Treasure

Farm Expansion Edit

Main article: Expand Farm

Gallery Edit

Winter Wonderland Completion Message-icon Winter Wonderland Harvest Loading Screen

Glitch Edit

The Zynga Tech Support recognized a glitch on the Winter Wonderland Farm for some players, by way of apology to those players a free gift of a Snowy Winter Fountain was placed in the player's gift box.

Snowy Winter Fountain-icon Snowy Winter Fountain Gift Info Winter Wonderland Glitch Notification

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