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The Winter Water Wheel is a functional building in FarmVille. Winter Water Wheels require you to build them. Once built, you can harvest your Water Wheel for Watering Cans. It's building materials are Snow Chain, Snow Gear and Snow Axle

On December 14th, 2011 it was possible to send the required building materials to neighbors.

The Winter Water Wheel can be placed on the Winter Wonderland (farm). As like the constructable Water Wheel which can be placed on both the Home farm and the English Countryside farm. An Additional fully built Water Wheels can be purchased for 120 Cash.

Materials Edit

Snow Axle Snow Gear Snow Chain
Snow Axle-icon Snow Gear-icon Snow Chain-icon

Stages Edit

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5
Winter Water Wheel Frame-icon File:Winter Water Wheel 0-icon.png File:Winter Water Wheel 1-icon.png File:Winter Water Wheel 2-icon.png Winter Water Wheel-icon
5x Snow Axle-icon
5x Snow Gear-icon
5x Snow Chain-icon
15x Snow Axle-icon
15x Snow Gear-icon
15x Snow Chain-icon
25x Snow Axle-icon
25x Snow Gear-icon
25x Snow Chain-icon
?x Snow Axle-icon
?x Snow Gear-icon
?x Snow Chain-icon
?x Snow Axle-icon
?x Snow Gear-icon
?x Snow Chain-icon
0x Watering Can-icon 0x Watering Can-icon 1x Watering Can-icon 2x Watering Can-icon 3x Watering Can-icon

Gallery Edit

Winter Water Wheel Loading Screen

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