For other events of the same name, see Winter Holiday.

Not to be confused with the Winter Fantasy Event

The Winter Holiday was an event occurring in FarmVille. It began November 11th, 2011. During the event, a number of new and previously released winter themed items were available.

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Animals Edit

Image Name Source/Cost Type Notes
Bahraini Spotted Cat-icon
Bahraini Spotted Coin-icon 2,000,000 coins animal
Belgian Blue Cow-icon
Belgian Blue Cow Coin-icon 2,000,000 coins animal
Belgian Blue Calf-icon
Belgian Blue Calf* *Adopt animal
Big Golden Bell Pony-icon
Big Golden Bell Pony Cash-icon 26 cash animal
Golden Bell Pony Foal-icon
Golden Bell Pony Foal* *Adopt animal
Black Caribou-icon
Black Caribou Coin-icon 2,500,000 coins animal
Black Gypsy Horse-icon
Black Gypsy Horse Cash-icon 26 cash animal re-release
Black Paint Horse-icon
Black Paint Horse Coin-icon 3,000,000 coins animal
Black Paint Foal-icon
Black Paint Foal* *Adopt animal
Black Snow Fantasy Horse-icon
Black Snow Fantasy Horse Holiday Hearth animal
Black Snow Fantasy Foal-icon
Black Snow Fantasy Foal* *Adopt animal
Brown Spot Goat-icon
Brown Spot Goat Coin-icon 1,000,000 coins animal
Candy Cane Cow-icon
Candy Cane Cow Cash-icon 24 cash animal re-release
Candy Cane Pony-icon
Candy Cane Pony Cash-icon 24 cash animal re-release
Candy Corn Stallion-icon
Candy Corn Stallion Cash-icon 30 cash animal re-release
Candy Cane Unicorn-icon
Candy Cane Unicorn Mystery Game-icon Mystery Game 80 animal
Candy Cane Unicorn Foal-icon
Candy Cane Foal* *Adopt animal
Two-Toned Cap Blackbear-icon
Two-Toned Cap Blackbear How to Dress a Tree animal
Elf Corgi-icon
Elf Corgi Cash-icon 12 cash animal
Elf Goat-icon
Elf Goat Mystery Game-icon Mystery Game 80 animal
Elf Lemur-icon
Elf Lemur Cash-icon 10 cash animal
Flower Dancer Hippo-icon
Flower Dancer Cash-icon 14 cash animal
Giant Icy Blue Unicorn-icon
Giant Icy Blue Unicorn Cash-icon 30 cash animal
Giant Icy Blue Unicorn Foal-icon
Icy Blue Unicorn Foal* *Adopt animal
Golden Bell Pony-icon
Golden Bell Pony Cash-icon 24 cash animal
Golden Bell Pony Foal-icon
Golden Bell Pony Foal* *Adopt animal
Golden Unicorn-icon
Golden Unicorn Mystery Game-icon Mystery Game 79 animal
Golden Unicorn Foal-icon
Golden Foal* *Adopt animal
Gypsy Horse-icon
Gypsy Horse Cash-icon 26 cash animal re-release
Hanoverian Horse-icon
Hanoverian Horse Cash-icon 28 cash animal re-release
Holiday Bear-icon
Holiday Bear Mystery Game-icon Mystery Game 80 animal
Holiday Bell Ram-icon
Holiday Bell Ram Cash-icon 16 cash animal
Holiday Cow (2011)-icon
Holiday Cow Cash-icon 20 cash animal
Holiday Calf (2011)-icon
Holiday Calf* *Adopt animal
Holiday Light Cow-icon
Holiday Light Cow Cash-icon 20 cash animal
Holiday Light Calf-icon
Holiday Light Calf* *Adopt animal
Holiday Lights Goat-icon
Holiday Lights Goat Cash-icon 14 cash animal
Holiday Sweater Duck-icon
Holiday Sweater Duck Cash-icon 15 cash animal
Sweater Llama-icon
Holiday Sweater Llama Cash-icon 10 cash animal
Holiday Tinsel Unicorn-icon
Holiday Tinsel Unicorn Mystery Game-icon Mystery Game 80 animal
Holiday Tinsel Unicorn Foal-icon
Golden Foal* *Adopt animal
Holiday Top Hat Cow-icon
Holiday Top Hat Cow Cash-icon 20 cash animal
Holiday Top Hat Calf-icon
Holiday Top Hat Calf* *Adopt animal
Holiday Wreath Duck-icon
Holiday Wreath Duck Cash-icon 16 cash animal
Icy Blue Pegacorn-icon
Icy Blue Pegacorn Mystery Game-icon Mystery Game 78 animal
Icy Blue Pegacorn Foal-icon
Icy Blue Pegacorn Foal* *Adopt animal
Icy Blue Unicorn-icon
Icy Blue Unicorn Cash-icon 30 cash animal
Icy Blue Unicorn Foal-icon
Icy Blue Unicorn Foal* *Adopt animal
Mini Candycane-icon
Mini Candycane Horse Cash-icon 26 cash animal re-release
Mini Gold Bell Horse-icon
Mini Gold Bell Cash-icon 26 cash animal
Mini Gold Bell Foal-icon
Mini Gold Bell Foal* *Adopt animal
Mistletoe Goat-icon
Mistletoe Goat Cash-icon 14 cash animal
Mistletoe Ram-icon
Mistletoe Ram Cash-icon 16 cash animal
New Forest Pony-icon
New Forest Pony Cash-icon 26 cash animal re-release
Nutcracker Ballerina Cub-icon
Nutcracker Ballerina Cub Holiday Countdown animal
Nutcracker Sheep-icon
Nutcracker Sheep Holiday Countdown animal
Nutcracker Stallion-icon
Nutcracker Stallion Holiday Countdown animal
Nutcracker Stallion Foal-icon
Nutcracker Stallion Foal* *Adopt animal
Ornament Reindeer-icon
Ornament Reindeer Cash-icon 16 cash animal re-release
Palomino Quarter Horse-icon
Palomino Quarter Horse Coin-icon 3,000,000 coins animal
Palomino Quarter Foal-icon
Palomino Quarter Foal Adopt animal
Partridge Cash-icon 12 cash animal re-release
Poinsettia Boar-icon
Poinsettia Boar Cash-icon 16 cash animal
Poinsettia Ewe-icon
Poinsettia Ram Mystery Game-icon Mystery Game 80 animal
Red Snowflake Ram-icon
Red Snowflake Ram Cash-icon 16 cash animal
Reindeer Alpaca-icon
Reindeer Alpaca Cash-icon 10 cash animal
Big Reindeer Alpaca-icon
Big Reindeer Alpaca Cash-icon 12 cash animal
Reindeer Duck-icon
Reindeer Duck Mystery Game-icon Mystery Game 78 animal
Reindeer Horse-icon
Reindeer Horse Cash-icon 26 cash animal
Reindeer Foal-icon
Reindeer Foal* *Adopt animal
Reindeer Cat-icon
Reindeer Persian Cat Mystery Game-icon Mystery Game 78 animal
Santa Cat-icon
Santa Cat Cash-icon 12 cash animal re-release
Santa Dog-icon
Santa Dog Cash-icon 12 cash animal
Santa Giraffe-icon
Santa Giraffe Cash-icon 12 cash animal
Santa Horse-icon
Santa Horse Cash-icon 26 cash animal
Santa Foal-icon
Santa Foal* *Adopt animal
Santa Kangaroo-icon
Santa Kangaroo Cash-icon 12 cash animal
Big Santa Kangaroo-icon
Big Santa Kangaroo Cash-icon 14 cash animal
Santa Sheep-icon
Santa Sheep Cash-icon 16 cash animal
Giant Santa Sheep-icon
Giant Santa Sheep Cash-icon 16 cash animal
Sika Stag-icon
Sika Stag Avian Jacuzzi animal
Snow Stallion-icon
Snow Stallion Cash-icon 30 cash animal re-release
Snowflake Cow-icon
Snowflake Cow Cash-icon 20 cash animal
Snowflake Calf-icon
Snowflake Calf* *Adopt animal
Snowflake Horse-icon
Snowflake Horse Mystery Game-icon Mystery Game 78 animal
Snowflake Foal-icon
Snowflake Foal* *Adopt animal
Snowflake Mini Horse-icon
Snowflake Mini Cash-icon 24 cash animal
Snowflake Mini Foal-icon
Snowflake Mini Foal* *Adopt animal
Spotted Great Dane-icon
Spotted Great Dane Coin-icon 2,000,000 coins animal
Spotted Quoll-icon
Spotted Quoll Coin-icon 1,500,000 coins animal
Spotted Skunk-icon
Spotted Skunk Coin-icon 2,000,000 coins animal
Sugar Plum Fairy Duck-icon
Sugar Plum Fairy Cash-icon 18 cash animal
Sugar Plum Fairy Horse-icon
Sugar Plum Fairy Horse Cash-icon 26 cash animal
Sugar Plum Fairy Foal-icon
Sugar Plum Fairy Foal* *Adopt animal
Tinsel Horse-icon
Tinsel Horse Cash-icon 26 cash animal
Tinsel Foal-icon
Tinsel Foal* *Adopt animal
Tinsel Pony-icon
Tinsel Pony Mystery Game-icon Mystery Game 78 animal
Tinsel Pony Foal-icon
Tinsel Pony Foal* *Adopt animal
Tinsel Mini Horse-icon
Tinsel Mini Horse Cash-icon 24 cash animal
Tinsel Mini Foal-icon
Tinsel Mini Foal* *Adopt animal
Tinsel Reindeer-icon
Tinsel Reindeer Cash-icon 16 cash animal
Giant Tinsel Reindeer-icon
Giant Tinsel Reindeer Cash-icon 16 cash animal
Toy Soldier Donkey-icon
Toy Soldier Donkey Cash-icon 14 cash animal
Toy Soldier Donkey-icon
Big Toy Soldier Cash-icon 14 cash animal
Valentine Pony-icon
Valentine Pony Cash-icon 26 cash animal re-release
White Andalusian-icon
White Andalusian Cash-icon 26 cash animal re-release
White Arabian Horse-icon
White Arabian Horse Coin-icon 3,500,000 coins animal
White Arabian Foal-icon
White Arabian Foal* *Adopt animal
White Snow Fantasy Horse-icon
White Snow Fantasy Horse Holiday Hearth tree
White Snow Fantasy Foal-icon
White Snow Fantasy Foal* *Adopt animal
Winter Goat-icon
Winter Goat Cash-icon 14 cash animal re-release
Winter Snowflake Boar-icon
Winter Snowflake Boar Mystery Game-icon Mystery Game 78 animal
Fat Scarf Squirrel-icon
Winter Squirrel Shivering Flora animal
Wreath Chicken-icon
Wreath Chicken Cash-icon 18 cash animal
Wreath Horse-icon
Wreath Horse Cash-icon 26 cash animal
Wreath Foal-icon
Wreath Foal* *Adopt animal
Elf Chicken-icon
Elf Chicken Cash-icon 18 cash animal
Elf Chicken-icon
Giant Elf Chicken Cash-icon 20 cash animal
Present Sheep-icon
Present Sheep Cash-icon 16 cash animal
Peppermint Ram-icon
Peppermint Ram Cash-icon 16 cash animal
Mistletoe Boar-icon
Mistletoe Boar Cash-icon 16 cash animal
Jacob Sheep-icon
Jacob Sheep Coin-icon 2,000,000 coins animal
Animal Feed Mill-icon
Animal Feed Mill Constructible building
Candycane House-icon
Candycane House Exclusive Gift building
Holiday Cabin-icon
Holiday Cabin Cash-icon 16 cash building
Holiday Clock Shop-icon
Holiday Clock Shop Cash-icon 15 cash building
Holiday Cottage-icon
Holiday Cottage Cash-icon 15 cash building
Holiday Lighthouse-icon
Holiday Lighthouse Cash-icon 20 cash building
Holiday Market-icon
Holiday Market Cash-icon 15 cash building
Holiday Mansion-icon
Holiday Mansion Cash-icon 20 cash building
Holiday Opera House-icon
Holiday Opera House Cash-icon 20 cash building
Holiday Pet Store-icon
Holiday Pet Store Cash-icon 15 cash building
Hot Cocoa Store-icon
Hot Cocoa Store Mystery Game-icon Mystery Game 80 animal
Ice Palace-icon
Ice Palace Constructible building
New Gingerbread House-icon
New Gingerbread Cash-icon 15 cash building
North Pole Palace-icon
North Pole Palace Cash-icon 25 cash building
Reindeer Stable-icon
Reindeer Stable Cash-icon 15 cash building
Santa's Workshop-icon
Santa's Workshop Cash-icon 38 cash building re-release
Winter Manor-icon
Winter Manor Cash-icon 42 cash building re-release
Winter Sweet Shop-icon
Winter Sweet Shop Cash-icon 30 cash building re-release
Winter Station-icon
Winter Station Cash-icon 20 cash building re-release
Winter Water Wheel-icon
Winter Water Wheel Constructible building
Ballet Dancer Costume-icon
Ballet Dancer costume Cash-icon 7 cash
Miss Santa-icon
Miss Santa costume Cash-icon 15 cash re-release
Nutcracker Girl Costume-icon
Nutcracker Girl costume Cash-icon 7 cash
Reindeer Costume-icon
Reindeer costume Cash-icon 10 cash re-release
Santa Suit-icon
Santa Suit costume Cash-icon 10 cash re-release
Snowman Costume-icon
Snowman costume Cash-icon 10 cash re-release
Golden Poinsettia-icon
Golden Poinsettia Coin-icon 20 coins Flowers Seed
Gum Drop-icon
Gum Drop Cash-icon 10 cash Seed 1-Week Permit
Fruitcake Cash-icon 7 cash Seed 1-Week Permit
Ballet Girl Gnome-icon
Ballet Girl Gnome Cash-icon 12 cash decoration
Birdhouse Gnome-icon
Birdhouse Gnome Breaking Wind decoration
Candy Cane Gnome-icon Candy Cane Gnome Cash-icon 12 cash decoration
Caroling Gnomes-icon
Caroling Gnomes Cash-icon 12 cash decoration
Dancin snowlady-icon
Dancin' SnowLady Cash-icon 25 cash decoration re-release
Gift Giving Gnome-icon Gift Giving Gnome Holiday Hearth tree
Gum Drop Gnome-icon
Gum Drop Gnome Cash-icon 12 cash decoration
Holiday Gnome-icon
Holiday Gnome Cash-icon 12 cash decoration
Mrs. Claus Gnome-icon
Mrs. Claus Gnome Cash-icon 18 cash decoration re-release
North Pole Gnome-icon
North Pole Gnome Holiday Hearth tree
Nutcracker Gnome II-icon
Nutcracker Gnome Holiday Countdown decoration
Santa Gnome-icon
Santa Gnome Cash-icon 18 cash decoration re-release
Snowman Gnome-icon
Snowman Gnome Cash-icon 12 cash decoration re-release
Teddy Bear Gnome-icon
Teddy Bear Gnome decoration exclusive gift
Tinsel Gnome-icon Tinsel Gnome Cash-icon 12 cash decoration
Candy Cane Snowman-icon
Candy Cane Snowman Coin-icon 100,000 coins decoration
Snowman Tower-icon
Snowman Tower Coin-icon 100,000 coins decoration
Candy Arch-icon
Candy Arch Coin-icon 2,000 coins decoration re-release
Gingerbread Arch-icon
Gingerbread Arch Cash-icon 5 cash decoration re-release
Stockings Arch-icon
Stockings Arch Cash-icon 5 cash decoration re-release
Candy Fence-icon
Candy Fence Coin-icon 800 coins decoration re-release
Garland Fence-icon
Garland Fence Coin-icon 7,000 coins decoration re-release
Big Ornament-icon
Big Ornament Cash-icon 10 cash decoration
Candy Fountain-icon
Candy Fountain Cash-icon 10 cash decoration
Eggnog Fountain-icon
Eggnog Fountain Cash-icon 15 cash decoration re-release
Holiday Fountain-icon
Holiday Fountain Mystery Game-icon Mystery Game 78 decoration
Peppermint Fountain-icon
Peppermint Fountain Mystery Game-icon Mystery Game 80 animal
Holiday Bench-icon
Holiday Bench Coin-icon 50,000 coins decoration
Scarf Owl-icon
Scarf Owl On a Crisp December Day decoration
Holiday Birdhouse-icon
Holiday Birdhouse Coin-icon 50,000 coins decoration
Holiday Bike-icon
Holiday Bike Coin-icon 30,000 coins decoration
Holiday Coach-icon
Holiday Coach Cash-icon 10 cash decoration
Winter Carriage-icon
Winter Carriage Cash-icon 20 cash decoration re-release
Cider Waterfall-icon
Cider Waterfall Exclusive Gift decoration
Holiday Forest-icon
Holiday Forest Cash-icon 4 cash decoration
Holiday Lake-icon
Holiday Lake Cash-icon 16 cash decoration
Snowy Swan Pond-icon
Snowy Swan Pond Cash-icon 12 cash decoration
Snowy Mountain-icon
Snowy Mountain Cash-icon 12 cash decoration
Polar Bear Cave-icon
Polar Bear Cave Cash-icon 25 cash decoration re-release
Tinsel Bush-icon
Tinsel Bush Coin-icon 30,000 coins decoration
Giant Mint Lollipop I-icon
Giant Mint Lollipop I Coin-icon 20,000 coins decoration
Giant Mint Lollipop-icon
Giant Mint Lollipop II Coin-icon 20,000 coins decoration
Mint Lollipop III-icon
Mint Lollipop III Coin-icon 20,000 coins decoration
Mint Lollipop IV Coin-icon 20,000 coins decoration
Mini Train Set-icon
Mini Train Set Cash-icon 25 cash decoration re-release
Holiday Lamp Post-icon
Holiday Lamp Post Holiday Countdown decoration
Nutcracker Stage-icon
Nutcracker Stage Holiday Countdown decoration
Candy Cane Unicorn Snow Globe-icon
Candy Cane Unicorn Snow Globe Holiday Countdown decoration
Forest Snow Globe-icon
Forest Snow Globe Holiday Hearth decoration
Reindeer Snow Globe-icon
Reindeer Snow Globe Holiday Countdown decoration
Gnome Snow Globe-icon
Gnome Snow Globe Holiday Countdown decoration
Snowman Globe-icon
Snowman Globe Cash-icon 10 cash decoration
Winter Cow Snow Globe-icon
Winter Cow Snow Globe Holiday Countdown decoration
Winter Sheep Snow Globe-icon
Winter Sheep Snow Globe Holiday Countdown decoration
Winter Tree Snow Globe-icon
Winter Tree Snow Globe Holiday Countdown decoration
Snowflake Ornament I-icon
Snowflake Ornament I Coin-icon 30,000 coins decoration
Snowflake Ornament (blue)-icon
Snowflake Ornament II Coin-icon 30,000 coins decoration
Limited Items Bundle-icon
Limited Items Bundle Cash-icon 168 cash Gift Box
Unwither Ring (Home Farm)-icon
Unwithered Ring (Home Farm) Cash-icon 250 cash Unwither Ring
Unwither Ring (Lighthouse Cove)-icon
Unwithered Ring (Lighthouse Cove) Cash-icon 250 cash Unwither Ring
Unwither Ring (Winter Wonderland)-icon
Unwithered Ring (Winter Wonderland) Cash-icon 199 cash Unwither Ring
Santa's Sleigh-icon
Santa's Sleigh Constructable Collecting Gifts
Holiday Tree 2011 Stage 6-icon
Holiday Tree Constructable Holiday Gifts
Holiday Hearth Stage 3-icon
Holiday Hearth Constructable Stocking Stuffers
FV Ornament 2011-icon
FV Ornament 2011 Coin-icon 50,000 coins decoration
Gold Tinsel Tree-icon
Gold Tinsel Tree Cash-icon 14 cash tree
Silver Tinsel Tree-icon
Silver Tinsel Tree Cash-icon 8 cash tree
Ornament Tree I-icon
Ornament Tree I Cash-icon 20 cash tree re-release
Ornament Tree II-icon Ornament Tree II Cash-icon 15 cash tree re-release
Santa Hat Tree-icon
Santa Hat Tree Cash-icon 8 cash tree
Giant Santa Hat Tree-icon
Giant Santa Hat Tree Cash-icon 14 cash tree
Striped Maple Tree-icon
Striped Maple Tree Cash-icon 6 cash tree
Paperbark Maple Tree-icon
Paperbark Maple Tree Cash-icon 12 cash tree
Silver Bell Tree-icon
Silver Bell Tree Cash-icon 8 cash tree
Golden Bell Tree-icon
Golden Bell Tree Cash-icon 14 cash tree
Golden Holiday Tree-icon
Golden Holiday Cash-icon 6 cash tree
Big Golden Holiday Tree-icon
Big Golden Holiday Cash-icon 10 cash tree
Pink Holiday Tree (tree)-icon
Pink Holiday Cash-icon 8 cash tree
Purple Holiday Tree-icon
Purple Holiday Cash-icon 14 cash tree
Stocking Tree-icon
Stocking Cash-icon 6 cash tree
Giant Stocking Tree-icon
Giant Stocking Cash-icon 10 cash tree
Sugar Plum Tree-icon
Sugar Plum Cash-icon 5 cash re-release tree
Mint Candy Tree-icon
Mint Candy Cash-icon 30 cash re-release tree
Holiday Cookie Tree-icon
Holiday Cookie Cash-icon 6 cash tree
Big Holiday Cookie Tree-icon
Big Holiday Cookie Cash-icon 12 cash tree
Snowflake II Tree-icon
Snowflake II Cash-icon 8 cash tree
Big Snowflake II Tree-icon
Big Snowflake II Cash-icon 14 cash tree
Candy Cane Tree-icon
Candy Cane Cash-icon 6 cash tree
Giant Candy Cane Tree-icon
Giant Candy Cane Cash-icon 12 cash tree
Gingerbread Tree-icon
Gingerbread Tree Cash-icon 8 cash tree
Giant Gingerbread Tree-icon
Giant Gingerbread Cash-icon 14 cash tree
Holiday Corn Tree-icon
Holiday Corn Cash-icon 6 cash tree
Giant Holiday Corn Tree-icon
Giant Holiday Corn Cash-icon 12 cash tree
Gum Drop Tree-icon
Gum Drop Cash-icon 8 cash tree
Giant Gum Drop Tree-icon
Giant Gum Drop Cash-icon 14 cash tree
Nutcracker Tree-icon
Nutcracker Cash-icon 8 cash tree
Giant Nutcracker Tree-icon
Giant Nutcracker Cash-icon 14 cash tree
Holiday Candle Tree-icon
Holiday Candle Tree Cash-icon 6 cash tree
Giant Holiday Candle Tree-icon
Giant Holiday Candle Cash-icon 12 cash tree
Holiday Chocolate Tree-icon
Holiday Chocolate Cash-icon 6 cash tree
Giant Holiday Chocolate Tree-icon
Giant Holiday Cash-icon 12 cash tree
Spiral Crystal Tree-icon
Spiral Crystal Cash-icon 8 cash tree
Giant Spiral Crystal Tree-icon
Giant Spiral Crystal Cash-icon 14 cash tree
Spruce Birdhouse Tree-icon
Spruce Birdhouse Tree Avian Awareness tree
Radiant Sun Tree-icon
Radiant Sun Tree Holiday Hearth tree
Starry Night Tree-icon
Starry Night Tree Holiday Hearth tree
Mistletoe Tree-icon
Mistletoe Tree Cash-icon 5 cash re-release tree
Ornament Tree-icon
Ornament Tree Cash-icon 15 cash tree re-release
Fraiser Fir Tree-icon
Fraiser Fir Tree Cash-icon 6 cash tree
Giant Fraiser Fir Tree-icon
Giant Fraiser Fir Cash-icon 12 cash tree
Frozen Apple Tree-icon
Frozen Apple Tree Cash-icon 6 cash tree
Big Frozen Apple Tree-icon
Big Frozen Apple Cash-icon 12 cash tree
Holiday Lantern Tree-icon
Holiday Lantern Cash-icon 8 cash tree
Big Holiday Lantern Tree-icon
Big Holiday Lantern Cash-icon 14 cash tree
Yellow Juniper Tree-icon
Yellow Juniper Cash-icon 8 cash tree
Yellow Rowan Tree-icon
Yellow Rowan Cash-icon 12 cash tree
Purple Willow Tree-icon
Purple Willow Cash-icon 6 cash tree
Pink Magnolia Tree-icon
Pink Magnolia Cash-icon 14 cash tree
Jingle Bell Tree-icon
Jingle Bell Tree Holiday Countdown tree

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