The Winter Holiday Event (2009) occurred between December 4, 2009 and January 7, 2010 on FarmVille.

Holiday Tree Edit

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The Holiday Tree was a special building given to every farmer. Upon entering the game a Holiday tree was stored in the Gift Box. Once the Holiday Tree was placed on the farm it acted as a special storage item that could only store special gifts called Presents that were sent by neighbors. These special gifts are were highlighted in green and could be found on the top row of the Gifts page. After accepting the special gift(s) they could be found in the Gift Box. When clicking "Use" from the Gift Box menu, the present will automatically be added to the Holiday Tree. At first, the presents under their Holiday Tree could be opened from December 24 - January 7, although it was possible to open them after.

Items Edit

During this event, new limited edition items were released, which could be bought from the market or sent as gift. Some of these items have been re-released as part of the Winter Holiday (2010) event.

Image Name Cost Type
Lamb Cash-icon  cash9 animals
Brown Goose-icon
Brown Goose I gift Gifting animals
Grey Goose-icon
Grey Goose Mystery Box Animal
Clydesdale Cash-icon  cash12 animals
Penguin Lost animals
Reindeer I gift Gifting
Clumsy Reindeer-icon
Clumsy Reindeer Lost animals
Igloo Cash-icon  cash16 Building
Gingerbread Home-icon
Gingerbread Home Cash-icon  cash32 Building
Santa's Workshop-icon
Santa's Workshop Cash-icon  cash38 Building
Holiday Tree (2009)-icon
Holiday Tree Coin-icon  coins10 Building/Tree
Ornament Tree I-icon
Ornament Tree I Coin-icon  coins1,500 trees
Ornament Tree II-icon
Ornament Tree II Coin-icon  coins1,500 trees
Poinsettia Coin-icon  coins45 seeds
Gumdrop Tree-icon
Gumdrop Tree Cash-icon  cash20 Decoration
Candy Gate-icon
Candy Gate Cash-icon  cash7 Decoration
Candy Fence-icon
Candy Fence Coin-icon  coins800 Decoration
Gingerbread Arch-icon
Gingerbread Arch Cash-icon  cash5 Decoration
Candy Arch-icon
Candy Arch Coin-icon  coins2,000 Decoration
Lights Decorator-icon
Lights Decorator Cash-icon  cash2 Decoration
Lights Decorator-icon
Unlimited Lights Cash-icon  cash30 Decoration
Bunny Slope-icon
Bunny Slope Cash-icon  cash27 Decoration
Dancin snowlady-icon
Dancin' SnowLady Cash-icon  cash25 Decoration
Redwood Tree-icon
Redwood Tree Cash-icon  cash4 Decoration
Holiday Lantern-icon
Holiday Lantern Coin-icon  coins1,400 Decoration
Giant Snowflake 1-icon
Giant Snowflake 1 Coin-icon  coins1,500 Decoration
Luminary Fence-icon
Luminary Fence Coin-icon  coins1,000 Decoration
Frozen Pond-icon
Frozen Pond Cash-icon  cash22 Decoration
Snow Angel-icon
Snow Angel Cash-icon  cash12 Decoration
Cow in Snowpile-icon
Cow in Snowpile Cash-icon  cash14 Decoration
Lighted Hedge-icon
Lighted Hedge Coin-icon  coins1,200 Decoration
Giant Snowflake II-icon
Giant Snowflake II Coin-icon  coins1,500 Decoration
Giant Snowflake III-icon
Giant Snowflake III Coin-icon  coins1,500 Decoration
Snowy Trough-icon
Snowy Trough Cash-icon  cash5 Decoration
Snow Globe-icon
Snow Globe Cash-icon  cash28 Decoration
Holiday Sleigh-icon
Holiday Sleigh Cash-icon  cash18 Decoration
Green Nutcracker-icon
Green Nutcracker Coin-icon  coins1,500 Decoration
Red Ornament-icon
Red Ornament Coin-icon  coins1,200 Decoration
Red Nutcracker-icon
Red Nutcracker Coin-icon  coins1,500 Decoration
White Nutcracker-icon
White Nutcracker Coin-icon  coins1,500 Decoration
Gift Mountain-icon
Gift Mountain Coin-icon  coins5,000 Decoration
Holly Arch-icon
Holly Arch Coin-icon  coins2,400 Decoration
Blue Ornament-icon
Blue Ornament Coin-icon  coins1,200 Decoration
Green Ornament-icon
Green Ornament Coin-icon  coins1,200 Decoration
Lighted Train-icon
Lighted Train Cash-icon  cash22 Decoration
Lighted Snowflake-icon
Lighted Snowflake Cash-icon  cash7 Decoration
Lighted Bells-icon
Lighted Bells Cash-icon  cash15 Decoration
Happy Holidays-icon
Happy Holidays Coin-icon  coins4,800 Decoration
Season Greeting-icon
Season Greeting Coin-icon  coins4,200 Decoration
Mini Train Set-icon
Mini Train Set Cash-icon  cash25 Decoration
Santa Gnome-icon
Santa Gnome Cash-icon  cash18 Decoration
Mrs. Claus Gnome-icon
Mrs. Claus Gnome Cash-icon  cash18 Decoration
Santa Scarecrow-icon
Santa Scarecrow Cash-icon  cash15 Decoration
Reindeer Topiary-icon
Reindeer Topiary Coin-icon  coins3,400 Decoration
Giant Candy-icon
Giant Candy I gift Gifting Decoration
Snow Pile I-icon
Snow Pile I I gift Gifting Decoration
String Lights-icon
String Lights I gift Gifting Decoration
Snowman I gift Gifting Decoration
Candycane Bench-icon
Candycane Bench I gift Gifting Decoration
Wreath Fence (Christmas)-icon
Wreath Fence I gift Gifting Decoration
Holly Fence-icon
Holly Fence I gift Gifting Decoration
Snow Pile II-icon
Snow Pile II I gift Gifting Decoration
Blue Soldier-icon
Blue Soldier I gift Gifting Decoration
Whipped Cream Bear-icon
Whipped Cream Bear I gift Gifting Decoration
Evergreen Tree-icon
Evergreen Tree I gift Gifting Decoration
Caramel Bear-icon
Caramel Bear I gift Gifting Decoration
North Pole Sign-icon
North Pole Sign I gift Gifting Decoration
Gingerbread Man-icon
Gingerbread Man I gift Gifting Decoration
Giant Lollipop I-icon
Giant Lollipop I I gift Gifting Decoration
Green Candles Set-icon
Green Candles Set Mystery Box Decoration
Gift Basket-icon
Gift Basket Mystery Box Decoration
Snowman Family-icon
Snowman family Mystery Box Decoration
Jack in the Box-icon
Jack in the Box Mystery Box Decoration
Melting Snowman-icon
Melting Snowman Mystery Box Decoration
Frozen Pond-icon
Frozen Pond Mystery Box Decoration
Tinsel Tree-icon
Tinsel Tree Mystery Box Decoration
Holiday Gate-icon
Holiday Gate Mystery Box Decoration
Gold Sleigh-icon
Gold Sleigh Mystery Box Decoration
Toy Chest-icon
Toy Chest Mystery Box Decoration
Cocoa Bear-icon
Cocoa Bear From Present Decoration
Giant Lollipop II-icon
Giant Lollipop II From Present Decoration
Gold Nutcracker-icon
Gold Nutcracker From Present Decoration
Gold Soldier-icon
Gold Soldier From Present Decoration
Gold Ornament-icon
Gold Ornament From Present Decoration
Lighted Gift Box-icon
Lighted Gift Box From Present Decoration
New Year Ball-icon
New Year Ball From Present Decoration
Silver Ornament-icon
Silver Ornament From Present Decoration
Blue Present-icon
Blue Present I gift Gifting Present
Pink Present-icon
Pink Present I gift Gifting Present
Green Present-icon
Green Present I gift Gifting Present
Red Present-icon
Red Present I gift Gifting Present
Brown Present-icon
Brown Present I gift Gifting Present
Orange Present-icon
Orange Present From post only Present
Polka Dot Present-icon
Polka Dot Present From post only Present
Coral Present-icon
Coral Present From post only Present
Striped Present-icon
Striped Present From post only Present
Purple Present-icon
Purple Present From post only Present
Gold Present-icon
Gold Present Cash-icon 5 cash + 5 Presents Present

Presents Edit

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From December 24 to January 6, presents can be opened and contain a random item in the presents include:

The first 100 presents opened contained items that were usually highly sought after. After the first 100 presents have been opened, every present opened after this will contain a decoration or non-FarmCash items

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