The Winter Countdown was an activity in FarmVille that lasted for 12 days. It started on December 27th, 2010 during the Winter Holiday Event (2010).

During the event, Farmers could ask/send neighbors a special item each day, called "item of the day". If the farmer missed a day, then they still could buy the missed item of that day with Cash-icon 2 cash or ask neighbors for it. After collecting all 12 items, the farmer will be rewarded with a special bonus prize, which is a Disco Cow.

Items Edit

Items that are required to collect from Day 1 to Day 12

White Soldier-icon
White Soldier
Day 1
Icy Snowflake-icon
Icy Snowflake
Day 2
Frosty Snowflake-icon
Frosty Snowflake
Day 3
Blue Soldier-icon
Blue Soldier
Day 4
Silver Ornament-icon
Silver Ornament
Day 5
Gold Ornament-icon
Gold Ornament
Day 6
Gold Soldier-icon
Gold Soldier
Day 7
Cocoa Bear-icon
Cocoa Bear
Day 8
Snow Pile I-icon
Snow Drift
Day 9
Snow Pile II-icon
Snow Pile
Day 10
Gold Nutcracker-icon
Gold Nutcracker
Day 11
Whipped Cream Bear-icon
Cream Bear
Day 12

Reward Edit

Reward for Collecting 12 Items:

Disco Cow-icon
Disco Cow
Bonus Prize

And it can be shared with neighbors:

Image Status Update
Disco Cow-icon "Farmer" collected all 12 items and received a special bonus prize!

They want to celebrate with their friends by sharing the reward, but you better hurry since there's only one to be claimed!

Gallery Edit

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