The Wildlife Habitat is a building in FarmVille that was released on August 17th, 2011. It allows the storing and breeding of wild animals. It requires 10 Grazing Grass, 10 Shrubs, and 10 Fence Posts to be initially constructed and usable. It can be purchased in the Market for Coin-icon 5,000 coins or it can be purchased fully built for Cash-icon 60 cash.

There is no limit on how many habitats you may have on your farm. However you may only have one frame being built at any one time.

Materials Edit

Fence Post Grazing Grass Shrub
Fence Post-icon Grazing Grass-icon Shrub-icon
10 needed 10 needed 10 needed

Building Stages Edit

Stage 1 Stage 2 Complete
Wildlife Habitat 1-icon Wildlife Habitat 2-icon Wildlife Habitat-icon

After finishing the Wildlife Habitat, you get 1 Porcupine as a reward and you can share Porcupines with friends via a wall post.

Variations Edit

Atlantis Wildlife Edit

Australian Wildlife Edit

Candy Wildlife Edit

Glen Wildlife Cave Edit

Island Habitat Edit

After releasing Hawaiian Paradise farm FarmVille released Island Habitat. For building it you need same materials like for the normal Wildlife Habitat. After finishing building you will get 1 Striped Possum.

Jade Wildlife Pen Edit

Jade Wildlife Pen (not to be confused with the Jade Habitat).

Magical Wildlife Cave Edit

Mystical Wildlife Edit

Space Wildlife Edit

Wildlife Cave Edit

Winter Wildlife Habitat Edit

After releasing Winter Wonderland farm FarmVille released Winter Wildlife Habitat. For building it you need same materials like for the normal Wildlife Habitat. After finishing building you will get 1 White Holiday Reindeer.

Storage Edit

Main article: Wildlife Habitat Table

Certain animals can be stored and harvested when placed in the Wildlife Habitat.

Harvesting Edit

Main article: Mystery Baby

When a Farmer harvests their Wildlife Habitat, there is a chance to find Mystery Babies or Animal Feed. There are two types of Wildlife Babies, Rare and Common. The more animals inside your Wildlife Habitat, the better your chances of finding a mystery baby of that animal type upon harvest. You must feed a Common Mystery Baby 10 feed, or a Rare Mystery Baby 20 Animal Feed, in order to grow it into an adult. When you find Mystery Baby or Animal Feed, you have the option to share an extra with 3 of your friends.


  • Wildlife Habitat Coming Soon Loading Screen
  • Wildlife Habitat Loading Screen
  • Look Inside While Constructing Wildlife Habitat
  • Finished Message
  • Inside Wildlife Habitat
  • Porcupine Message
  • Wildlife Habitat Mystery Baby Green Message
  • Wildlife Habitat Mystery Baby Purple Message
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