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The White Duckling is an animal in FarmVille. It was released as part of the Spring Event.

Rewards for Raising Edit

White Ducklings share the same growth process as Yellow Ducklings. Because White Ducklings are harder to obtain than Yellow Ducklings, it is often suggested to keep the the White Duckling in it's baby state, rather than allowing it to grow.

Reward Duck Time Scale
Indian Runner Duck Indian Runner Duck-icon Less than 24 Hours
Cayuga Duck Cayuga Duck-icon 1 Day
Goldeneye Duck Goldeneye Duck-icon 2 Days
Red-Billed Duck Red-Billed Duck-icon 3 Days
Scoter Duck Scoter Duck-icon 4 Days
Pekin Duck Pekin Duck-icon 5 Days
Ugly Duckling Ugly Duckling-icon 6 Days

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