The What Type of Romantic Are You is a voting building. It was originally released on January 29th 2013. It had 12 questions, with 2 answers per question.


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Question 1Edit

Would I rather have a picnic or a brunch at a nice restaurant?

Picnicking Pigs-icon Bubbly Pig-icon
Picnicking Pigs Bubbly Pig

Question 2Edit

Would I rather watch a sunset or go to a fancy dinner party?

Sunset Painter Sheep-icon Ballroom Gown Sheep-icon
Sunset Painter Sheep Ballroom Gown Sheep

Question 3Edit

Would I like to walk along the beach or walk along the the city’s shopping strip?

Beach Duck-icon Shopaholic Duck-icon
Beach Duck Shopaholic Duck

Question 4Edit

Would I prefer to cuddle at home or have a night out dancing?

Goose with a Soda-icon Goose with Sparkling Cider-icon
Goose with a Soda Goose with Sparkling Cider

Question 5Edit

Would I prefer riding a bike along the country fields or being in a horse carriage in Central Park?

Bunnies in a Bike Basket-icon Horse Carriage-icon
Bunnies in a Bike Basket Horse Carriage

Question 6Edit

Would I prefer staying at home and watching a movie or going out and getting drinks?

Pajama Chicken-icon Cocktail Chicken-icon
Pajama Chicken Cocktail Chicken

Question 7Edit

Would I prefer a home cooked dinner with candles or having a fancy night out with appetizers?

Casual Goose-icon Fancy Goose-icon
Casual Goose Fancy Goose

Question 8Edit

Would I prefer a handmade card or a big box of chocolates and roses?

Handmade Card Tree-icon Box of Chocolates Tree-icon
Handmade Card Tree Box of Chocolates Tree

Question 9Edit

Would I prefer a day at my favorite local places or a romantic getaway?

Hipster Unicorn-icon Fancy Candle Unicorn-icon
Hipster Unicorn Fancy Candle Unicorn

Question 10Edit

Would I prefer breakfast in bed or breakfast at a nice hotel?

Apron Sheep-icon Dog with a Red Gift-icon
Apron Sheep Dog with a Red Gift

Question 11Edit

Would I prefer white roses or red roses?

White Rose Wreath Unicorn-icon Red Rose Wreath Unicorn-icon
White Rose Wreath Unicorn Red Rose Wreath Unicorn

Question 12Edit

Would I prefer picking flowers in a field or walking around a dim lit art gallery?

Cupid Arrow Tree-icon Modern Art Tree-icon
Cupid Arrow Tree Modern Art Tree

Final RewardEdit

In this voting building, the number of left and right answers do not affect the final reward since it is the same for both sides - a Book Of XP.


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