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The subject of this article or section is part of the Tuscan Event, an Event that lasted from May 18, 2010 to June 29, 2010. Once the event has run its course, this will no longer be available.

Wedding Tent-icon.png

The Wedding Tent is a building available in FarmVille which was released to celebrate the Tuscan Event. It works in a similar way to the previous buildings with purpose. The objective is to collect as many Ingredients as possible to trade for favor points, which can be traded in for exclusive Tuscan-themed items. Ingredients can be received as a gift from neighbors. The Tuscan Wedding Tent can be found in your Gift Box, or it can be purchased from the Market for 1 coin. To get started with this feature, open your gift box and place the Wedding Tent on your farm. You can also find ingredients from gifts, or around your farm. Olives can be found from harvesting Olive Trees, truffles from Pigs, Goat Milk from Goats, and Eggs from Chickens.

As of August 20th, 2010 you can no longer add ingredients to the Wedding Tent.

Ingredients[edit | edit source]

A short description can be notice that show what ingredients should be collected:

"My granddaughter is getting married and of course I'm going to cook her a feast! I need Goat Milk, Eggs, Olives and Truffles. The more I get, the bigger the party!".

The following ingredients can either be purchased, collected or received as a gift. Ingredients must be collected 4 of each sets before can be traded for 5 favor points.

4 Olives
I gift.png Gifting or
from Harvesting
Olive Trees

4 Truffles
I gift.png Gifting or
from Harvesting
Goat Milk-icon.png
4 Goat Milk
I gift.png Gifting or
from Harvesting
Eggs (ingredient)-icon.png
4 Eggs
I gift.png Gifting or
from Harvesting
Collect 4 of Each sets can be traded for 5 Favor Points

Harvesting Olive Trees or collecting from pigs and goats by using Arborist or Farmhands will not find a farmer olives, truffles and goat milk.

Redeemable Items[edit | edit source]

Favor Points can be exchanged for various prizes. When a farmer redeems an item, FarmVille will give the option of sharing a second of same item to neighbors except for redeeming Leaning Tower, friends can only rewarded a Mini Leaning Tower.

Wedding Cake-icon.png
Wedding Cake
Spaghetti Sheep-icon.png
Spaghetti Sheep
Pig High Art-icon.png
Pig High Art
Apollo Butterfly-icon.png
Apollo Butterfly
Bella Fountain-icon.png
Bella Fountain
Leaning Tower-icon.png
Leaning Tower
5 Favor Points 15 Favor Points 25 Favor Points 40 Favor Points 60 Favor Points 80 Favor Points

Levels[edit | edit source]

Sedate Lively Buzzing Bouncing Rollicking
Wedding Tent Phase1-icon.png Wedding Tent-icon.png Wedding Tent Phase3-icon.png Wedding Tent Phase4-icon.png Tuscany wedding 5 icon.png
0-9 Favor 10-24 Favor 25-49 Favor 50-99 Favor 100+ Favor

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