The Water Baby is a type of mystery baby that can be found when harvesting an Aquarium or Swimming Pond. There are two types of Water Baby; Common and Uncommon. Common Water Babies can be identified by the yellow ribbon tied around the handle of the basket, while Uncommon Water Babies can be identified by the purple ribbon, as well as the presence of coral behind the basket.

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Any animal in an aquarium or Swimming Hole may produce a water baby; however, not all animals can always be grown from mystery babies. Any water baby found in an aquarium and placed on the original farmer's farm will grow into one of the animals present in the aquarium at the time of harvest.

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Farmers can also share their Water Babies with their neighbors. Each shared baby can be claimed by up to three neighbors, once per neighbor. The receiving neighbor can then grow the baby into an adult animal. The animal contained in the mystery baby may not necessarily be an animal present in the original farmer's aquarium. Only select animals, generally those available for Coin-iconcoins, low amounts of Cash-iconcash, or as a quest reward, can be found in a received mystery baby.

To determine if an animal in an aquarium can provide a farmer's neighbors with babies, a farmer can hover their mouse over the animal. If the Mystery Baby has a yellow and white background the animal can be grown from shared babies. If the Mystery Baby has a grey and white background the animal can only be grown from a farmer's own babies.

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Mystery babies, including water babies, are grown using Animal Feed. Common babies require 10 feed, while uncommon babies require 20. The farmer will have an opportunity to ask for Animal Feed from their neighbors when the mystery baby is first placed on the farm. The farmer will also be able to share Animal Feed with their neighbors halfway through feeding (5 for common, 10 for uncommon) and again when the baby is fully grown. One extra Animal Feed will be returned to the farmer after each baby is completed.

List of Animals that can be found in Water Babies Edit

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This item was also featured in the Leaderboard Week 3 Task, completing 3 would earn the player a prize of 10 x Animal Feeds, completing 10 would reward the player a prize of Animal Feed-icon 20 x Animal Feeds, and completing 50 would reward the player a prize of 60 x Animal Feeds.

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