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Walnut Basket is a Crafting good which can be found when harvesting Walnut Trees.

Building Ingredients Time Mastery Product
Walnut Basket-icon

Walnut Basket x1

Sunflowers Bushel-icon

Sunflower Bushel x2

Barley Bushel-icon

Barley Bushel x2

4 hours 5/20/40
Animal Feed-icon

Animal Feed x1

Walnut Basket-icon

Walnut Basket x2

Sunflowers Bushel-icon

Sunflower Bushel x3

Tomato Bushel-icon

Tomato Bushel x4

6 hours 5/20/40
Stone Archway-icon

Stone Archway

Walnut Basket-icon

Walnut Basket x4

Leek Bushel-icon

Leek Bushel x2

Bluebell Bushel-icon

Bluebell Bushel x3

4 hours 10/20/40
Moat Corner IV-icon

Moat Corner IV

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