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W4 is a white expansion that was released with the Story of Sakura farm:

  1. containing 4.5x9 plots for a total of 40.5 plots (648 squares).
  2. requires an achievement before the expansion is unlocked and can be used to place items.
  3. is the fourth (4th):
    1. of four (4) white expansions on the Story of Sakura farm through to the ??? farm.

These white sections do not require you to pay any Cash-icon  cash nor Coin-icon  coins before it will allow you to gain access to itself.

  1. With the release of the Story of Sakura farm;  FarmVille, added new White expansions to the farm that will be unlocked and can be used, to place items, when the player unlocks certain farm specific achievements on the farm.

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