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W1 is a white expansion that:

  1. Was originally released only on the Alpine Jingle farm:
    1. containing only 5x8 plots for a total of 40 plots (640 squares).
    2. required that you wait for a specific date before you can gain access to the individual expansion and can be used to place items.
  2. is not found on the Namaste India farm.
  3. Was re-released With the release of the Story of Sakura farm:
    1. changed, to now have 4.5x9 size plots for a total of 40.5 plots (648 squares).
    2. requires an achievement before the expansion is unlocked and can be used to place items.
  4. is the first (1st):
    1. of one (1) white expansion on the Alpine Jingle farm.
    2. of four (4) white expansions on the Story of Sakura farm.

These white sections do not require you to pay any Cash-icon  cash nor Coin-icon  coins before it will allow you to gain access to itself.

  1. With the release of the Alpine Jingle farm;  FarmVille experimented with the idea of adding more space for the players to add items, after they waited until a specific date.
  2. FarmVille, changed the idea from waiting for a specific date to gaining an farm specific achievement before the new expansions would unlock for the player and can be used to place items.

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