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Vineyard Horse is an animal on FarmVille.


It was available as the bonus gift for collecting all 6 items in 61st Mystery Game-icon.png Mystery Game.


Horse Stable[]

Main article: Horse Stable

The Vineyard Horse can be stored in the Horse Stable. A Horse Stable can be harvested once every day. When harvesting a Horse Stable containing at least one Vineyard Horse, players have a chance to find one Vineyard Foal*, Arborist, Farmhand, or 100 experience points 100 experience. Farmhands, Arborists, and experience go directly to the player's gift box. However, the Vineyard Foal may only be shared to the player's wall, where it may be adopted by the player's friends.


  • Zynga considers the Vineyard Horse a horse. Horses require the presence of at least 1 (one) stallion in the Horse Stable in order to produce a foal.



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