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This article is about other Valentine's Day Events. For Valentines Day Event, see Valentines Day Event (2012) (disambiguation).

The Valentines Day Event (2012) was an event on FarmVille that started on January 11th, 2012. During the event a number of Valentine's Day items were released. Some items were also re-released from the past Valentine's Day Event (2011) and from the Valentine's Day Event (2010).

In addition to the themed items the Romantic Carriage was also released as a part of this event. This craftable building produced Love Arrows which could be traded for exclusive Valentine's Day themed items.

Similar to the previous year's Valentine's Day event, this event featured a Valentine's Countdown. Over the course of 12 days, farmers could ask their neighbors for daily gifts. By completing each day's gift quota the farmer would receive a bonus decoration, and by completing all 12 days the farmer would receive a Valentine Dragon.

New for this event was the Tunnel Of Love, a feature designed similarly to the Penguin Escapade. The farmer would ask neighbors to help three pairs of animals take a ride through the tunnel. After each pair has been helped they will reward the farmer with a baby offspring.


The Valentines Day Event (2012) introduced a new quest line:

Ugly Duckling Quests[]

Ugly Duckling Quest 1-icon.png Gimme a Lift? Ugly Duckling Quest 2-icon.png Hair of the Duck Ugly Duckling Quest 3-icon.png One Spiffy Duck!
Ugly Duckling Quest 4-icon.png If It Smells Like a Duck... Ugly Duckling Quest 5-icon.png Bread Diggin' Duckies Ugly Duckling Quest 6-icon.png A Lucky Duck
Ugly Duckling Quest 7-icon.png Laying the Foundation Ugly Duckling Quest 8-icon.png Tie It All Together Ugly Duckling Quest 9-icon.png Homecoming


Love Strawberry Love Strawberry Unlock 7 day 7 cash 7 cash Harvest 140 coins 140 coins Harvest time 8 Hours
Red Rose Red Rose 5 cash 5 cash Harvest 220 coins 220 coins Harvest time 16 Hours


Aphrodite Gnome-icon.png Aphrodite Gnome 12 cash 12 cash Decoration
Casanova Gnome-icon.png Casanova Gnome 12 cash 12 cash Decoration
Lovestruck Gnome-icon.png Lovestruck Gnome 12 cash 12 cash Decoration
Romance Gnome-icon.png Romance Gnome 12 cash 12 cash Decoration
Valentine Gnome-icon.png Valentine Gnome 12 cash 12 cash Decoration Re-Release
Venus Gnome-icon.png Venus Gnome Bundle Decoration Re-Release
Valentine Teddy-icon.png Valentine Teddy 50,000 coins 50,000 coins Decoration Re-Release
Flamingo Hearts-icon.png Flamingo Hearts Countdown! Decoration
Love Birds (decoration)-icon.png Love Birds Countdown! Decoration
Valentine Birds-icon.png Valentine Birds 14 cash 14 cash Countdown! Decoration
Romantic Dinners-icon.png Romantic Dinners Countdown! Decoration
Squirrel Proposal-icon.png Squirrel Proposal Countdown! Decoration
Heart Fence-icon.png Heart Fence 5,000 coins 5,000 coins Decoration Re-Release
Wedding Fence-icon.png Wedding Fence 5,000 coins 5,000 coins Decoration Re-Release
Chocolate Waterfall-icon.png Chocolate Waterfall 20 cash 20 cash Decoration Re-Release
Love Waterfall-icon.png Love Waterfall Countdown! Decoration
Pink Swan Lake-icon.png Pink Swan Lake Exclusive Gift Decoration
Romantic Lake-icon.png Romantic Lake Countdown! Decoration
Love Pond-icon.png Love Pond Countdown! Decoration
Swan Pond-icon.png Swan Pond Cupid's Garden Decoration
Love Bridge-icon.png Love Bridge Countdown! Decoration
Romantic Bridge-icon.png Romantic Bridge 12 cash 12 cash Decoration
Romantic Swing-icon.png Romantic Swing Countdown! Decoration
Heart Rings-icon.png Heart Rings Countdown! Decoration
Heart Path-icon.png Heart Path 4,000 coins 4,000 coins Decoration
Valentine Planter-icon.png Valentine Planter 10,000 coins 10,000 coins Decoration
Wedding Flower Pot II-icon.png Wedding Flower Pot 10,000 cash 10,000 cash Decoration
Pegasus Carriage-icon.png Pegasus Carriage 12 cash 12 cash Decoration
Love Gondola-icon.png Love Gondola 20 cash 20 cash Decoration Re-Release
Big Heart Cotton Candy Tree-icon.png Big Heart Cotton Candy Tree 14 cash 14 cash Tree
Chocolate Heart Tree-icon.png Chocolate Heart Tree 5 cash 5 cash Tree Re-Release
Cinnamon Heart Tree-icon.png Cinnamon Heart Tree 5 cash 5 cash Tree Re-Release
Giant Chocolate Heart-icon.png Giant Chocolate Heart 10 cash 10 cash Tree Re-Release
Giant Cupid Tree-icon.png Giant Cupid Tree Cupid's Garden Tree
Giant Heart Tree-icon.png Giant Heart Tree 12 cash 12 cash Tree
Giant Heart Balloon Tree-icon.png Giant Heart Balloon Tree 14 cash 14 cash Tree
Heart Balloon Tree-icon.png Heart Balloon Tree 6 cash 6 cash Tree
Heart Candy Tree-icon.png Heart Candy Tree 15 cash 15 cash Tree Re-Release
Heart Cotton Candy Tree-icon.png Heart Cotton Candy Tree 8 cash 8 cash Tree
Heart Shape Tree-icon.png Heart Shape Tree 14 cash 14 cash Tree
Pink Smoke Tree-icon.png Pink Smoke Tree 14 cash 14 cash Tree
Red Rocket Crape Tree-icon.png Red Rocket Crape Tree 14 cash 14 cash Tree
Twilight Crape Tree-icon.png Twilight Crape Tree 8 cash 8 cash Tree
White Smoke Tree-icon.png White Smoke Tree 8 cash 8 cash Tree
Eastern Redbud Tree-icon.png Eastern Redbud Tree 6 cash 6 cash Tree
Oklahoma Redbud Tree-icon.png Oklahoma Redbud Tree 12 cash 12 cash Tree
Valentine Cookie Tree-icon.png Valentine Cookie Tree 8 cash 8 cash Tree
Big Valentine Cookie Tree-icon.png Big Valentine Cookie Tree 14 cash 14 cash Tree
Ameraucanas Rooster-icon.png Ameraucanas Rooster 2,000,000 coins 2,000,000 coins Animal
Auxois Horse-icon.png Auxois Horse 3,500,000 coins 3,500,000 coins Animal
Auxois Foal-icon.png Auxois Foal* *Adopt Animal
Chocolate Rabbit-icon.png Chocolate Rabbit 12 cash 12 cash Animal Re-Release
Juliet Bear-icon.png Juliet Bear 16 cash 16 cash Animal
Kiss Boar-icon.png Kiss Boar 16 cash 16 cash Animal
Big Love Chicken-icon.png Big Love Chicken 20 cash 20 cash Animal
Love Chicken-icon.png Love Chicken 18 cash 18 cash Animal
Magpie Duck-icon.png Magpie Duck 2,000,000 coins 2,000,000 coins Animal
Pink Gypsy Horse-icon.png Pink Gypsy Horse 26 cash 26 cash Animal Re-Release
Romance Mini Horse-icon.png Romance Mini Horse 26 cash 26 cash Animal
Romance Mini Foal-icon.png Romance Mini Foal* *Adopt Animal
Romeo Alpaca-icon.png Romeo Alpaca 12 cash 12 cash Animal
Rose Boar-icon.png Rose Boar 16 cash 16 cash Animal
Rose Horse-icon.png Rose Horse 26 cash 26 cash Animal
Rose Foal-icon.png Rose Foal* *Adopt Animal
Thuringian Goat-icon.png Thuringian Goat 2,500,000 coins 2,500,000 coins Animal
Valentine Cat-icon.png Valentine Cat 12 cash 12 cash Animal
Valentine Dragon-icon.png Valentine Dragon Countdown! Animal
Glass Wedding Hall-icon.png Glass Wedding Hall 20 cash 20 cash Building
Heart Shape Home-icon.png Heart Shape Home 15 cash 15 cash Building
Love Shack-icon.png Love Shack 20 cash 20 cash Building Re-Release
Outdoor Cafe II-icon.png Outdoor Cafe 150,000 coins 150,000 coins Building
Romantic Bistro-icon.png Romantic Bistro 20 cash 20 cash Building
Romantic Cottage III-icon.png Romantic Cottage 15 cash 15 cash Animal
Romantic Gazebo-icon.png Romantic Gazebo Countdown! Decoration
Romantic Carriage-icon.png Romantic Carriage Constructible Building
Cupid's Garden-icon.png Cupid's Garden Decoration
Red Rose-icon.png Red Rose 5 cash 5 cash Permit Crop
Cupid II Costume-icon.png Cupid II 15 cash 15 cash Clothing Re-Release
Romance Horse-icon.png Romance Horse
Male Lion-icon.png Male Lion 3,000,000 coins 3,000,000 coins Animal


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