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This article is about other Valentine's Day Events. For Valentines Day Event, see Valentines Day Event (2011) (disambiguation).

The Valentines Day Event (2011) was an event on FarmVille that started on January 19, 2011. During the event, a number of Valentine items were released. Also, some items were re-released from the past Valentine's Day Event from 2010.

Besides the themed items, the Valentine's Mailbox was also released as a part of this event. The objective is to collect as many Valentines as possible, which can be traded in for exclusive Valentine items.


Image Name Cost/Source Type
Anemone (decoration)-icon.png Anemone 10,000 coins 10,000 coins Decoration
Chocolate Heart Tree-icon.png Chocolate Heart Tree 5 cash 5 cash Tree
Chocolate Rabbit-icon.png Chocolate Rabbit 12 cash 12 cash Animal
Cinnamon Heart Tree-icon.png Cinnamon Heart Tree 5 cash 5 cash Tree
Cocoa Tree-icon.png Cocoa Tree 5 cash 5 cash Tree
Cupid Corn-icon.png Cupid Corn (10 cash 10 cash permit)
10 coins 10 coins
Cupid Gnome-icon.png Cupid Gnome 18 cash 18 cash Decoration
Cupids Castle-icon.png Cupid's Castle 5 coins 5 coins Building
Cupig-icon.png Cupig 12 cash 12 cash Decoration
Eider Duck-icon.png Eider Duck 20 cash 20 cash Animal
Fire & Ice Rose-icon.png Fire & Ice Roses 100 coins 100 coins Seed
Giant Bubblegum-icon.png Giant Bubblegum 30 cash 30 cash Tree
Giant Chocolate Heart-icon.png Giant Chocolate Heart 10 cash 10 cash Tree
Giant Cinnamon Heart-icon.png Giant Cinnamon Heart 15 cash 15 cash Tree
Giant Cocoa Tree-icon.png Giant Cocoa Tree 5 cash 5 cash Tree
Giant Heart Candy-icon.png Giant Heart Candy 25 cash 25 cash Tree
Gumball Sheep-icon.png Gumball Sheep 14 cash 14 cash Animal
Heart Balloon Arch-icon.png Heart Balloon Arch 20,000 coins 20,000 coins Decoration
Heart Candy Tree-icon.png Heart Candy Tree 15 cash 15 cash Tree
Heart Fence-icon.png Heart Fence 5,000 coins 5,000 coins Decoration
Heart Pig-icon.png Heart Pig 18 cash 18 cash Animal
Heart Pool-icon.png Heart Pool 20 cash 20 cash Decoration
Heart Rabbit-icon.png Heart Rabbit 12 cash 12 cash Animal
Hooded Merganser-icon.png Hooded Merganser 16 cash 16 cash Animal
Love Arch-icon.png Love Arch 22,000 coins 22,000 coins Decoration
Love Gondola-icon.png Love Gondola 20 cash 20 cash Decoration
Love Shack-icon.png Love Shack 20 cash 20 cash Building
Pink Bubblegum-icon.png Pink Bubblegum 5 cash 5 cash Tree
Pink Gypsy Horse-icon.png Pink Gypsy Horse 26 cash 26 cash Animal
Pink Persian Cat-icon.png Pink Persian Cat 14 cash 14 cash Animal
Pink Rose Stand-icon.png Pink Rose Stand 300 coins 300 coins Decoration
Red Heart Chicken-icon.png Red Heart Chicken 14 cash 14 cash Animal
Romantic Coach-icon.png Romantic Coach 18 cash 18 cash Decoration
Romantic Cottage-icon.png Romantic Cottage 25 cash 25 cash Building
Romantic Gazebo-icon.png Romantic Gazebo 200,000 coins 200,000 coins Building
Romantic Pavilion-icon.png Romantic Pavilion 15 cash 15 cash Building
Romantic Picnic-icon.png Romantic Picnic 250,000 coins 250,000 coins Decoration
Rose Arch-icon.png Rose Arch 7 cash 7 cash Decoration
Rose Bush-icon.png Rose Bush 1,200 coins 1,200 coins Decoration
Rose Petals-icon.png Rose Petals 2,000 coins 2,000 coins Decoration
Swan Fountain-icon.png Swan Fountain 20 cash 20 cash Decoration
Sweet Store-icon.png Sweet Store 18 cash 18 cash Building
Unwither Ring2-icon.png Unwither Ring 250 cash 250 cash Upgrade Farm
Valentine Cow-icon.png Valentine Cow 24 cash 24 cash Animal
Valentine Duck-icon.png Valentine Duck 16 cash 16 cash Animal
Valentine Elephant-icon.png Valentine Elephant 18 cash 18 cash Animal
Valentine Gnome-icon.png Valentine Gnome 12 cash 12 cash Decoration
Valentine House-icon.png Valentine House 20 cash 20 cash Building
Valentine Mini-icon.png Valentine Mini 26 cash 26 cash Animal
Valentine Pony-icon.png Valentine Pony 24 cash 24 cash Animal
Valentine Snowman-icon.png Valentine Snowman 20 cash 20 cash Decoration
Valentine Teddy-icon.png Valentine Teddy 50,000 coins 50,000 coins Decoration
Valentine's Mailbox-icon.png Valentine's Mailbox 1 coin 1 coin Building
Venus Gnome-icon.png Venus Gnome 12 cash 12 cash Decoration
Wedding Fence-icon.png Wedding Fence 5,000 coins 5,000 coins Decoration
Wedding Tent (2011)-icon.png Wedding Tent 250,000 coins 250,000 coins Building
Black Cherry Tree-icon.png Black Cherry Tree 5 cash 5 cash Tree
Skunk-icon.png Skunk 16 cash 16 cash Animal
Black Cherry Horse-icon.png Black Cherry Horse 26 cash 26 cash Animal
Broken Heart Home-icon.png Broken Heart Home 18 cash 18 cash Building
Barbed Heart-icon.png Barbed Heart 10,000 coins 10,000 coins Decoration
Dark Heart Topiary-icon.png Dark Heart 10,000 coins 10,000 coins Decoration
Heart Broken Gnome-icon.png Heart Broken Gnome 15 cash 15 cash Decoration
Valentine Willow-icon.png Valentine Willow 6 cash 6 cash Decoration
Black Rose Arch-icon.png Black Rose Arch 10,000 coins 10,000 coins Decoration
Giant Black Cherry Tree-icon.png Giant Black Cherry Tree 10 cash 10 cash Tree
Pink Rabbit Costume-icon.png Pink Rabbit Costume 15 cash 15 cash Costume
Cupid I Costume-icon.png Cupid I Costume 15 cash 15 cash Costume
Cupid II Costume-icon.png Cupid II Costume 15 cash 15 cash Costume

Mystery Game Items[]

Also 6 limited edition items were available through the Mystery Game-icon.png Mystery Game, during the Valentine's Day Event (2011) from January 23 to January 30. These items were:

Pink Unicorn-icon.png Pink Unicorn (Rare)
Lavender Victorian-icon.png Lavender Victorian House (Rare)
Tunnel of Love-icon.png Tunnel of Love (Uncommon)
Mandarin Pond-icon.png Mandarin Pond (Uncommon)
Valentine Sheep-icon.png Valentine Sheep (Common)
Love Crow-icon.png Love Scarecrow (Common)

And the second Mystery Game-icon.png Mystery Game during the Valentine's Day Event (2011), Available from February 6 to February 13. These items were the follow ones:

Pink Stallion-icon.png Pink Stallion (Rare)
Drive In Movie-icon.png Drive In Movie (Rare)
Ballerina Hippo-icon.png Ballerina Hippo (Uncommon)
Love Bird Bath-icon.png Love Bird Bath (Uncommon)
Valentine Fountain-icon.png Valentine Fountain (Common)
Bride Gnome-icon.png Bride Gnome (Common)


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