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Valentine's Box (2010) is a limited edition building that was released on February 8, 2010 to February 25, 2010 as a part of the Valentine's Day Event in FarmVille. On that day, every farmer received a Valentine's Box for free in their Gift Box. If the farmer deletes it by error, he/she can pay Coin-icon 1 coin for another Valentine's Box (only one per farmer).

A farmer can then request Valentine's Gifts (2010) from their neighbors by clicking 'Ask for Love' and, should the neighbors accept, the gift will be put into their Valentine's Box (only 10 requests per day).

Redeemable Items Edit

Farmers can then trade in their Valentine's for limited edition Valentine's Day themed decorations. The more gifts the farmer has increases the number of available decorations. Farmers can also buy 5 valentines for Cash-icon 5 cash at the Market. The rewards that the farmer can claim are:

Luv Ewe-icon
Luv Ewe
10 Valentines
Giant Teddy-icon
Giant Teddy
20 Valentines
Pigs In Love-icon
Pigs In Love
30 Valentines
Pecking Ducks-icon
Pecking Ducks
40 Valentines
3 Hearts Fountain-icon
3 Hearts Fountain
50 Valentines
Eiffel Tower-icon
Eiffel Tower
150 Valentines

*When a farmer redeems any of these items and posts it on their wall, one of their neighbors have a chance to get the same item by clicking on it. The exception is the Eiffel Tower; neighbors would get a Mini Eiffel instead of the original.

A farmer may track their progress by clicking on the Valentine's Box. There is a new competition element which allows players to see a comparison chart, showing their rank among their neighbors. A glitch allowed farmers to duplicate their rewards by copying the link, but FarmVille has since fixed this.

Send Love Edit

There are a number of Valentine's Gifts that can be sent ("Send Love"), each one with a different reward to the farmer sending them. The rewards are:

Levels Edit

Clammy Lukewarm Smoldering Smokin' Uncontrollable Hot Lava En Fuego
Valentine's Box 2010-icon Valentines box lukewarm-icon Valentines box smoldering-icon Valentines Box - Smokin' Valentines Box - Uncontrollable Valentines Box Hot Lava Valentines Box En Fuego
0-9 Valentines 10-24 Valentines 25-49 Valentines 50-74 Valentines 75-99 Valentines 100-149 Valentines 150 Valentines

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