There's a new technical update getting ready to go live on January 22, 2014. Check it out on community central.

Some highlights include:

  • Bug fixes, including profile pages & forum highlights
  • CSS changes
  • A new special page for admins: Special:ParserSpeed
  • Starting next Monday (UTC−8), Wikia will begin transferring images to a new DFS (Distributed File System) storage system. This will be very similar to a related process that happened in November and December. The transfer will be done on a wiki-by-wiki basis, with the smaller, older wikis getting updated first. That means this wiki may not be affected until late Monday or Tuesday (or even later). While the script is transferring the images on this wiki, uploads on this wiki will be disabled. This process should happen quietly on the back-end, and there should be no major disruption to the wiki other than the disabled uploading. Most wikis will be disabled for a short period of time, less than an hour. FarmVille wiki, however, has a large number of images. Uploads on FarmVille wiki may be disabled for up to several hours while Staff makes the update. You should still be able to edit pages during this time (just not upload new files).

For a full list and more detail, see: User blog:DaNASCAT/Technical Update:January 21, 2014

As always, don't forget to report Wikia bugs via Special:Contact.

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