With the introduction of the new Community Page module, there is also a new option to highlight community guidelines and policies. As I'm sure everyone on the wiki is well aware, written examples for many of our policies are either hard to find, non-existent, way out of date, extremely confusing, or some combination thereof. With that in mind, I've created a new board in our forums so that we can update our policies and keep better track of them via highlighted ("sticky") threads that will show up as a notification to all users on our wiki (both logged in and anonymous). I invite anyone to check out the new forum board Board:Guidelines and Policies.

Right now, the sub-forum is empty. However, as our formal policies and guidelines grow, we can split the various policies and guidelines.

Please leave a comments on this blog if you have questions or comments about which policies or guidelines that you would like to see added, removed, changed, or clarified.

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