There was some rumors that 7th farm will be desert themed or maybe Northern Farm, but it looks like zynga checked calendar and season so it most likely will be HALLOWEEN FARM!!! Only proof for these the claim is this newwitch cat found flying on a broom across internet!

Flying Witch Cat-icon

Now there is new halloween name- HAUNTED HALLOW, and one mor pic!

Spooky Carriage II-icon

On September 13th, 2012 all around the net start to popping up more and more halloween farm themed stuffs. And there is also screenshot of new farm and it looking good! One of good news is maybe returning to only land plots, and I am hoping that they will return coins since they have new points SP - spooky or scary points.

Haunted Hallow Farm Baner-icon




Storage Buildings


Crafting Building - Potion Shop

Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion is new multistage expandable buildind. To make it fully upgraded ypu will need 449 parts.

Level 20px Cob Web 20px Dead Wood Old Fence-icon Old Fence
1 3 3 3
2 6 6 4
3 12 12 8
4 16 16 10
5 20 20 12
6 25 25 14
7 30 30 18


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