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This is the user-page of a Bot, which is operated by Vandraedha. It is a legitimate alternative account, used to make repetitive automated or semi-automated edits that would be extremely tedious to do manually.

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In Case of EmergencyEdit

Accepted requestsEdit

Only authorized persons should edit this section. Everyone else please leave a message on VandraedhaBot's message wall. Please be specific and post examples of what you want. I will add them here as soon as they are accepted.

  1. Replace {{Animal Pen}} with {{storage}}
  2. Replace the following parameters on pages with templates:
Old parameter New Parameter
Bonus bonus
Bronze bronze
Capacity capacity
Caption caption
Caption2 caption
Chance chance
Classified As, Classified as, classified as classified_as
Description description
Gender gender
Gold gold
Growing Time, growing time, Harvest time grow_time
Husbandry husbandry
Offspring offspring
Parent parent
Rarity rarity
Resource resource
Seed# seed#
SeedAmount# seedamount#
Silver silver
Storage storage
Source source
This event, This Event, this event this_event
This goal, This Goal, this goal this_goal
Tile tile
Transformedfrom, Transformed from transformedfrom
Use use
World, world, Farm farm

Finished tasksEdit

These tasks are done, and will not be run again unless requested. This list may be cleaned periodically.

  • Replace the following infobox templates on pages where they exist:
Old template New template
animal infobox-animal
bloom infobox-bloom
clothing infobox-clothing
event infobox-event
quest infobox-quest
building infobox-building
decoration infobox-decoration
goal infobox-goal

Bot settings and coding Edit

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