About meEdit


My farmer

I'm from Germany and started to play FarmVille in November 2009.

I loved collecting as many different animals and decorations as I could. With Zynga releasing more and more of them, it became impossible for me to maintain a complete collection. Hence I gave up on collecting Limited Edition items.

Currently I'm focusing on mastering as many crops as possible.

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Game statsEdit

Level: 104 / 999

Ribbons: 153 / 160

Co-Ops: 14+3 / 14+3

Crop Masteries: 76+18 / 76+18

Recipe Masteries: 0+3 / 45+3

Tree Masteries: 0 / 87

Crop MasteriesEdit

My farmEdit

Since I'm currently trying to master as many crops as possible, my farm mainly consists of plowed land.

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