About me Edit

I love playing Farmville. I also love the updates and collecting items as well as animals.

Admin This user is a FarmVille Wiki Administrator / Sysop

Request for Adminship Edit

I would like to become an administrator for Farmville Wiki. I only joined a few weeks ago to add bits on information, but now I find myself checking back a lot, creating articles, cropping images and uploading them, and organizing. I would love to be able to help out behind the scenes and make this wiki even greater! I have pretty decent graphic design skills and and am fairly experienced with Wiki editing. I am an editor on Dunderpedia, Glee TV Wiki, and Wikipedia, but am most active on this wiki. Thanks would love to hear your votes!

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Projects Edit

  • Finding large high quality images to replace older ones.
  • Adding Transparency to all images.

Working on Edit

  • Unreleased item wikis
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