Hey there, my name is Phil. I started playing FarmVille in August 2010 and am currently a Level 90 Farmer.

Since getting the Snow Stallion in the Winter Holiday Event I've started to become a bit of a Horse Breeder, and own pretty much all the horses that have been released since. Although I enjoy collecting and breeding horses, I do not currently collect or keep any foals on my farm. I enjoy most aspects of FarmVille and there are quite a few things that I'm currently working on within my farm.

I have recently started working on completing all crop masteries, tree masteries, and ribbons. You'll be able to see my progress with all of these below. As well as the above, I also love to buy and collect interesting animals, items and decorations and am therefore very quickly starting to fill the 500 storage limit of the storage cellar.

The one thing that I'm hoping most for is the ability for every player to have their own model farm. I would love to have a practical farm for earning coins, masteries etc, as well as have the ability to create a decorative farm that I can fill with all my collected items and decorations.

If you need help with anything, need another neighbour, or are looking for some foals then don't hesitate to drop me a message on my talk page, I promise I don't bite!

Happy Farming!

My FarmEdit

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