• I live in the Netherlands
  • I was born on May 14
  • My occupation is Freelance Digital Artist
  • I am Female
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My MasteriesEdit

Except for the Seeds and Recipes, I owe most of the Masteries to my neighbors. They always send me what they got left - saplings, baby animals, lost animals, flowers - and occasionally what I really need.

Also I dont buy stuff with FV Cash, so I'll probably miss out on alot... But still. This is my list and I'm proud of it!

Of all the trees I've mastered I kept only one of each to match with the mastery sign. When it comes to animals, I try to keep 2 of each - cuz I like the Noah's Ark concept :-). When I get far enough to my liking with seeds (or I'm able to upgrade and abuse the next farm location), I'll get rid of everything on my Home farm and make that the Noah's Ark. With trees of course.

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