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Bots LunaC operates a Bot that is named LunaBot!
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About MeEdit

Hello, as you can see from my flag I'm from Germany. I'm playing the game since it started on facebook but with some breaks.

Me and this WikiEdit

I was away from the wiki for a while and I'm back now - newly and improved. Now I have a Bot account that can be found here, feel free to post me suggestions or corrections related to the bot there. I'm happy for every correction (especially because I'm not a native speaker)

Work ListEdit

  • keep working with the bot...

My favorite linksEdit

Favourite ItemsEdit

Aurora Fawn-icon Bat Horn Dream Fawn-icon Bean Scene Fawn-icon Cloud Fawn-icon Dainty Dream Fawn-icon Daisy Deer Fawn-icon Deer Fawn-icon Diamond Chandelier Fawn-icon Dusk Fawn-icon Fire Fawn-icon Firefly Fawn-icon King Fawn-icon Light Horns Magic Fawn-icon Moon Fawn-icon Nature Fawn-icon Phantasmic Magic Fawn-icon Princess Fawn-icon Pumpkin Fairy Fawn-icon Purple Nightdeer Fawn-icon Queen Fawn-icon Rain Fawn-icon Shell Fawn-icon Sinister Candle Dream Fawn-icon Snowflake Fawn-icon Spooky Lights Dream Fawn-icon Sunrise Fawn-icon Water Fawn-icon White Rider Stag Fawn-icon Amber Dream Fawn-icon Astral Magic Fawn-icon Dark Ridge Fawn-icon Light Ridge Fawn-icon Peacock Fawn-icon Saddled Fawn-icon Shadow Dance Fawn-icon

Daisy Chain Magic Fawn-icon Fall Fawn-icon Moon Speckled Fawn-icon

Snow Leopard-icon

Fleur de lis Tree-icon

Shamrock Castle-icon

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