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Bots This is a Bot that is operated by LunaC

This is the user-page of the LunaBot, which is operated by LunaC.

If you wish to know more information about the operator of this bot then please click [[here]].

If you wish to leave requests for this bot, please leave them on this bot's message wall.


Only persons I told to should edit these pages. Everyone else please leave a message on the wall

Accepted requestsEdit

If you have any wishes, please post them on the message wall. Please be specific and post examples of what you want. I will add them here as soon as I understood them and think I can do it with the bot.

To doEdit

  • Rename/Remove Categories from Category redirects: list I have so far is  here with explanation which code to use. If you use that code I can just copy/paste it into the bot to make it work.
  • Move the sub-categories / articles / images from the Redirected category into the proper category
  • Update old Infoboxes
  • Check Licensing (maybe not really a bot thing)
  • Fix double redirects Special:DoubleRedirects
  • delete "Image =" parameter if it matches pagename
  • replace infobox parameter "|Size =" with "|sizeX =" and "|sizeY =".
  • Add comment to top of long/complex templates, you can add more to this list here.

General RulesEdit

  • Category names:
    • Bird instead of Birds, birds, bird...
    • Grow/Harvest changed to: 1 day grow, 2 day grow, 5 hour grow, 20 minute grow, etc...
    • Category limited edition is only for items that can only be acquired (from any source) during a certain, limited, time period. Decorations, clothing, and events are usually limited edition. Animals are usually not.
    • Mystery Game item is only correct category. Other like Mystery Game items, Mystery Game Items should be moved to Mystery Game item
    • Category:Event is for Event-pages only
    • Use subcategories for items/activities that are part of events. e.g. Royal Event is for pages that are part of the Royal Event, including the event page itself.
  • Dates
    • Date format in infoboxes = YYYYMMDD or {{dateYYYYMMDD }}
    • Date format in links = [[MONTH DD]] or [[MONTH DD|whatever]]
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