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Hi, I'm Gonçalo, a portuguese who loves FarmVille. I'm an active Patroller here. If you have any questions, don't have problems to ask :P

I started playing after a challenge (wich I won) but I'm continuing playing ... I Love This Game !!

Here in this wiki, I'm ready to help who needs. Leave a message anytime you want, I'm here to answer you. If I said something you didn't understand, that's because I speak portuguese and I'm a noob on english, event having a 5 note (of 5) on School x)

Mastery CropsEdit

I like mastering crops. It's a reward for all your job on the game. For me, receiving that Mastery Sign is an honor, because I worked very much.

I want to master all the unlimited edition crops on the game, and I'm mastering the LE crops since the Poinsettia period. I like master flowers because they give us more XP. But I know that if I start for master crops which give us 1 point, later I can master the 2 XP points ... But it's my way to play.

So, my current crops mastered are:

Poinsettia Green Roses Peppers Grapes Cotton
Poinsettia Mastery Sign-icon Green Rose Mastery Sign-icon Pepper Mastery Sign-icon Grape Mastery Sign-icon Cotton Mastery Sign-icon
Leeks Pink Hibiscus Bell Peppers Pink Carnation Crystals
Leek Mastery Sign-icon Pink Hibiscus Mastery Sign-icon Bell Pepper Mastery Sign-icon Pink Carnation Mastery Sign-icon Crystals Mastery Sign-icon
Chrome Daisies Electric Roses Red Tulips Cupcakes DREYER'S Fruit Bars
Chrome Daisy Mastery Sign-icon Electric Rose Mastery Sign-icon Red Tulip Mastery Sign-icon Cupcake Mastery Sign-icon DREYER'S Fruit Bars Mastery Sign-icon
Barley Jackfruit Tree Hops Potatoes Cornflower
Barley Mastery Sign-icon Jackfruit Tree Mastery Sign-icon Hops Mastery Sign-icon Potato Mastery Sign-icon Cornflower Mastery Sign-icon

Animals and StuffEdit

Favorite Animal: Baby Turkey | Blue Cow
Favorite Tree: Mint Candy Tree


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