• I live in the outskirts of the United States
  • My occupation is Living
  • I am Male

I used to play FarmVille but I kept getting frustrated because my page was always lagging and I couldn't get anything done. Months of work to get to Lv. 276 and now I can't do anything. The last two times I tried to log on I couldn't even get to my farm so I haven't been on since Summer 2012. (The lag is unbelievable).

I'd like to be able to play again but something needs to be done about the lag. The number of farms was also beginning to irritate me as well. Just too much to keep up with and I was only playing the Home and English farms full time and Lighthouse Cove part-time. 

Meanwhile, I spend most of my Wikia time on Munkapedia, the Alvin and the Chipmunks Wiki where I am an Admin.

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