This is my Sandbox. I'll be going mad-scientist here with all the stuff I'll be

creating for this wiki. :P Enjoy the codes.... I saved them for last.

Featured User Template Edit

Featured User
Ayopip was the featured user for the month(s) of

It seems that the new Feat. User Template will only appear on new winners of the award.So if you would want to either update your award, just re-type the template Template:Featured User on your profile and hopefully it'll change.

Interface Edit

Cowprint Event-icon
The Market

Specials Menu-iconSeeds Menu-iconAnimals Menu-iconBuildings Menu-iconDecorations Menu-iconFarm Aids Menu-iconClothes Menu-icon

SpecialsSeeds & TreesAnimalsBuildingsDecorationsFarm AidesClothes

Slider Edit

I'm planning to add something like this on the Wiki's home page. Umm... comments? Violent reactions? Leave them on my talk page. haha. =)) thanks.

  • if the images were all the same size I would like it, however stretched images, I don't like ... Looks alright though hehe

Belted Cow-iconClintang84 |Talk 21:30, September 4, 2011 (UTC)

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