I play FarmVille since February 8th or 9th 2010, although I knew I would become addicted. I'm from Germany, hence the old German name for farmer for my nick name.

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Master of DesasterEdit

So far, I have mastered 36 crops:

Artichokes, Basil, Bell Peppers, Black Roses, Candy Corn, Carrots, Cotton, Cucumber, Cranberries, Cupcakes, Eggplants, Ginger, Grapes, Lilac, Morning Glory, Pattypan Squash, Peanuts, Peppermint, Pineapples, Pinto Beans, Poinsettia, Pumpkins, Raspberries, Red Tulips, Rice, Spinach, Square Melon, Soybeans, Squash, Strawberries, Tomatillos, Tulips, Watermelons, Wheat, White Grapes, White Pumpkin, Yellow Watermelon.

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