The Unwither is a consumable that was released on 8 February 2010 to FarmVille. Unwithers let a farmer restore all withered crops on a farm. They can also be used on a neighbor's farm.

Acquisition Edit

Buildings Edit

Market Edit

Unwithers can be purchased from the market 3 at a time.

Unwithers were available from the Grab Bag.

Mini-Games Edit

As a prize when playing mini-games:

Promotions Edit

As a promotion for reaching a specific level in other Zynga games:

Quests Edit

As a prize for completing the quests:

Neighbors Edit

A new gameplay feature was also added in relation to the use of unwithers. If you do not purchase any unwithers, but you visit a neighbour who has an inactive account (in which their crops have been left withered for more than 30 days), you may be prompted to unwither their farm at no charge. This sends the owner the notification:

UNWITHER Player just revived your crops and made your farm pretty for you to see! [X hours ago] Check out your crops! (links to their farm)

Natural Unwithers Edit

On 4th March 2010, FarmVille installed Natural Unwithers. This feature will naturally unwither a farmer's crops if they have been away from their farm for 14 days. On 23 February 2010, FarmVille enabled Unwithers for all farmers due to out of sync issues and gifts.

Gallery Edit

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  • Wither crops with Unwither icon.
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