Warn This image, article or section is speculation about an unreleased item or feature which does not currently exist in FarmVille. Any information in this article must be based on facts, taken from an official Zynga source. All data is subject to change. The following source was used for this information: [varies].

This page includes a list of all known unreleased items. These items have been seen somewhere out of game, for example, as a picture on the FarmVille website. It is not known if or when these items will be released into FarmVille. It should be noted that many previous unreleased items have been released so there is no reason why any of these items cannot appear in the future.

For confirmed future releases visit the Official FarmVille Podcasts page (Official podcasts have been discontinued).

Note: These Images have been seen in the FarmVille database

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Name Image
Gas Guzzler Gas Guzzler-icon Use Fuel Refills
Seasoned Decorator Seasoned Decorator-icon Place Limited Edition decorations
Hoarder Hoarder-icon Have Items in Storage
Premium Produce Picker Premium Produce Picker-icon Have crops fertilized.
Recycle Army Recycle Army-icon
Recycle Humanitarian Recycle Humanitarian-icon
Recycle Munificent Recycle Munificent-icon
Recycle Swapper Recycle Swapper-icon

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