The Unicorn Cloud is a feature in FarmVille. It was originally released on April 20th, 2013. It worked the same as the previously released pig version, the Pig Scale.

Baby Unicorns Edit

You need to give baby unicorns as many Unicorn Wishes as possible Unicorn Wishes within 7 days of placing the baby unicorn. When you feed a baby unicorn with 100 Unicorn Wishes, or when the 1 week period expired, your baby unicorn could be "weighed" in the Unicorn Cloud. The higher the weight is, the better rewards are. There are 1 of 5 possible unicorns for every fed baby unicorn, plus bonus rewards (animals, consumables, XP and coins).

Acquiring Unicorn Wishes Edit

You can ask your neighbors to help you raise your baby unicorn. This way, you both need to feed it to get the rewards. You can ask for Unicorn Wishes through feed, but you can also craft it in your Craftshop.

Recipe for Unicorn Wishes
Building Stars Ingredients Product
Craftshop 0 Shooting Stars Bushel-icon
Shooting Stars Bushel
Lucky Marshmallow Bushel-icon
Lucky Marshmallow Bushel
Dandelion Bushel-icon
Dandelion Bushel
Unicorn Wishes


You get your first baby unicorn for free. But, when you are done with that, you will either have to buy a new one on your own, or accept a request to raise a unicorn together. You can find new unicorns to raise by pressing Get Unicorns inside the Unicorn Cloud overview.

When you purchase a new unicorn, you will be able to place it on your farm in its infant state. As you add Unicorn Wishes, it will transform through various stages into one of four different adult Mystery Unicorns, within that variety. For example, when you purchase a Storybook Unicorn Baby, like the one you get for free when you place the Unicorn Cloud, you get a baby unicorn of the Storybook type. With enough wishes, that unicorn will grow into one of the four adult Storybook Unicorns.

Storybook Unicorn Baby Edit

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The Storybook Unicorn Baby is available for Coin-icon 25,000 coins.

Wishes Transformation
0- Storybook Unicorn Baby-icon
Storybook Unicorn Baby
Storybook Unicorn Child-icon
Storybook Unicorn Child
Storybook Unicorn Teen-icon
Storybook Unicorn Teen
50 Cinderella Unicorn-icon
Cinderella Unicorn
Goldilocks Unicorn-icon
Goldilocks Unicorn
Jack Unicorn-icon
Jack Unicorn
Red Riding Hood Unicorn-icon
Red Riding Hood Unicorn

Gemstone Unicorn BabyEdit

The Gemstone Unicorn Baby is available for Coin-icon 100,000 coins.

Wishes Transformation
0- Gemstone Unicorn Baby-icon
Gemstone Unicorn Baby
Gemstone Unicorn Child-icon
Gemstone Unicorn Child
Gemstone Unicorn Teen-icon
Gemstone Unicorn Teen
50 Emerald Star Unicorn-icon
Emerald Star Unicorn
Rose Crystal Unicorn-icon
Rose Crystal Unicorn
Ruby Blaze Unicorn-icon
Ruby Blaze Unicorn
Sapphire Sparkle Unicorn-icon
Sapphire Sparkle Unicorn

Wonderland Unicorn Baby Edit

The Wonderland Unicorn Baby is available for Cash-icon 7 cash.

Wishes Transformation
0- Wonderland Unicorn Baby-icon
Wonderland Unicorn Baby
Wonderland Unicorn Child
Wonderland Unicorn Teen
50 Alice Unicorn-icon
Alice Unicorn
Caterpillar Unicorn-icon
Caterpillar Unicorn
March Hare Unicorn-icon
March Hare Unicorn
Cheshire Cat Unicorn-icon
Cheshire Cat Unicorn

Villain Unicorn BabyEdit

The Villain Unicorn Baby is available for Cash-icon 5 cash.

Wishes Transformation
0- Villain Unicorn Baby-icon
Villain Unicorn Baby
Villain Unicorn Child-icon
Villain Unicorn Child
Villain Unicorn Teen-icon
Villain Unicorn Teen
50 Evil Fairy Unicorn-icon
Evil Fairy Unicorn
Queen Stepmother Unicorn-icon
Queen Stepmother Unicorn
Wicked Witch Unicorn-icon
Wicked Witch Unicorn
Wolf Grandma Unicorn-icon
Wolf Grandma Unicorn

Oz Unicorn BabyEdit

The Oz Unicorn Baby is available for Cash-icon 10 cash.

Wishes Transformation
0- Oz Unicorn Baby-icon
Oz Unicorn Baby
Oz Unicorn Child-icon
Oz Unicorn Child
Oz Unicorn Teen-icon
Oz Unicorn Teen
50 Cowardly Lion Unicorn-icon
Cowardly Lion Unicorn
Dorothy Unicorn-icon
Dorothy Unicorn
Straw Man Unicorn-icon
Strawman Unicorn
Tinman Unicorn-icon
Tinman Unicorn


Upon weighing a Unicorn you will receive bonus rewards. It also says; "Collect all rewards". Here are the rewards, but the amount depends on how heavy your Unicorn was.

Storybook Unicorn-icon Storybook Unicorn
Villain Unicorn-icon Villain Unicorn
Oz Unicorn-icon Oz Unicorn
Qilin-icon Qilin
Green Fairy Mini Horse-icon Green Fairy Mini Horse
Rainbow Fir Tree-icon Rainbow Fir Tree
Blue Mystic Cloud Tree-icon Blue Mystic Cloud Tree
Green Man Tree-icon Green Man Tree
Satyr Gnome-icon Satyr Gnome
Gothic Unicorn-icon Gothic Unicorn


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