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The Turbo Charger is a consumable on FarmVille.

Acquisition Edit

On June 23rd, 2011 FarmVille introduced Turbo Charger. When it was released all farmers got a free pack of 3 Turbo Chargers.

Varying amounts of Turbo Chargers can be purchased from the market for different prices.

  • Pack of 3 cost Cash-icon 7 cash.
  • Pack of 7 cost Cash-icon 14 cash.
  • Pack of 15 cost Cash-icon 28 cash.
  • Pack of 25 cost Cash-icon 44 cash.
  • Pack of 50 cost Cash-icon 58 cash.
  • Pack of 60 cost Cash-icon 65 cash.

You can receive a single turbo charger when harvesting Bumper Cars.

3 Pack of Turbo Chargers Edit

A 3 Pack of Turbo Chargers is a reward for finishing some quests, is a Gopher Garden reward, and it can be purchased from the Market for Cash-icon 7 cash.

Usage Edit

Like fuel, this consumable must be added to your Turbo Charger gauge before you can use it on a farm.

This feature allows a vehicle to instantly harvest (Harvester), plow (Tractor) or seed (Seeder) all plots that the vehicle can use on the entire farm at once (instead of the normal plot limit of the Vehicle). The Turbo Charger causes the vehicle to use the same amount of fuel as when the vehicle is normally used. Each use of the vehicle in this manner requires one Turbo Charger.

The Turbo Charger can also be used with the Combine to do all three actions at once. However, when used with the Combine, it consumes 3 charges of the Turbo Charger.

Gallery Edit

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