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This page is about other kinds of truffle. For Truffle (disambiguation), see Truffles (Tuscan Wedding) (disambiguation).

Truffles were a type of consumable in FarmVille. They were released as part of the Tuscan Event, and are no longer available.

Truffles were products that could be obtained from harvesting a Pig (of any breed, including Piglets, except Party Pigs) or could be received as a gift. 4 Truffles were required to complete a set of ingredients in Wedding Task to trade for favor points. When a farmer found Truffles while harvesting a pig around their farm, it would automatically place 5 truffles into their Wedding Tent each day, regardless of how many pigs were harvested.

They were available in the market through July 6th, 2010.

As of August 20th, 2010 you can no longer add truffles to the Wedding Tent.

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