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The Tractor is a vehicle used on FarmVille. Tractors are useful for farmers who have very large fields, as it saves considerable time when plowing. A Tractor costs 5,000 coins 5,000 coins and earns a farmer 50 experience points 50 experience. Using a Tractor costs fuel at the rate of one unit per plot, so one full can of fuel will plow an area of 150 plots. The Lord of the Plow ribbon is earned by plowing with a Tractor.

Farmers with large fields can buy a tractor. A tractor will plow an area of 2x2 plots at the cost of 4 fuel. This can save considerable time for farmers who have large numbers of plots to plow. A tractor costs 5,000 coins to purchase from the market and requires the farmer to be at least level 12.

When first acquired, this basic Tractor can plow an area of 2x2 plots at the cost of 4 fuel (1 fuel per plot). Some special Tractors start with larger plow sizes, but all can be upgraded to 4x4 plots using the Garage. The Tractor can be used as long as fuel is available.

When plowing with the Tractor, there is a chance of finding items. A rotating coin worth 100 coins 100 coins might spring up from the field and be added to the account immediately. The Tractor might strike oil (fuel), with the option to share some extra fuel with neighbors. Collectible items might also be found. If you upgrade your Tractor with the Garage feature you will increase the area the tractor can plow:

Total Cost:32 Vehicle Parts.

On the FarmVille iPhone App, owning a Tractor allows the player to "paint" with their finger which plots to plow, as opposed to the 2x2 to 4x4 per-click selections of the web version. (There appears to be no advantage to upgrading a Tractor on the iPhone app.) When the finger is lifted, the Tractor begins plowing the plots in the same order they were selected. It is possible to continue to select additional plots to plow while the Tractor is in motion, but the app doesn't save the changes to the Farmville servers until all queued actions are complete.

Since March 2011, a Tractor can be won by opening a Mystery Gift


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