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The Town Hollow is a stationary building on FarmVille. This item cannot be sold or moved.

Availability and Acquisition Edit

It was released as part of the Horsemans Hollow farm on September 15, 2014.

Building & Expansion Edit

Candy Apples-icon

Candy Apples

Misfortune Cookie-icon

Misfortune Cookie

Pumpkin Fall Wreath-icon

Pumpkin Fall Wreath

Town Hollow-stage 0-icon

Stage 0

3 3 3
File:Town Hollow-stage 1-icon.png
5 5 8
File:Town Hollow-stage 2-icon.png
10 10 15
File:Town Hollow-stage 3-icon.png
12 12 20
File:Town Hollow-stage 4-icon.png
15 15 24
File:Town Hollow-stage 5-icon.png
17 17 30
File:Town Hollow-stage 6-icon.png
22 22 36
File:Town Hollow-stage 7-icon.png
24 24 48
Town Hollow-icon

Final Stage

27 27 60


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