Tossin' Tomatoes
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Job Information
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First date available: April 2, 2010
Last date available: May 31, 2013
Type of Job reward
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Description Harvest tomatoes for a country fair game!
Seed and
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Gold Medal-icon 16 hours
Coin-icon 449 coins
509 XP
Silver Medal-icon 1 day
Coin-icon 396 coins
448 XP
Bronze Medal-icon 1 day 12 hours
Coin-icon 373 coins
373 XP
Special Reward no special reward

Tossin' Tomatoes is a co-op job. To achieve any medals, 1300 tomatoes must be harvested. The reward is a Circus Elephant.

The story reads as follows:

The county fair is coming, and instead of a dunk tank I decided to go with a tomato tossing game. If you hit the clown with a tomato you win! Sound fun? Well, we need some tomatoes!

This job was only available during the first two days after the release of Co-Op Farming. However, on 8 April 2010, the Tossin' Tomatoes co-op job was re-released.

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