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Tombs are like all previous buried treasures and fortunes. They are specific to the Haunted Hollow.

Stone Pick-icon
To open small and medium Tombs, you will need varying amounts of Stone Picks.
To open large and extra large Tombs, you will need varying amounts of Mallets.

Small TombEdit

To open a Small Tomb you will need 10 Stone Picks. When you open it you will get also Spook Point-icon 80 spook points.

Spooky Piano-icon
Spooky Piano decoration
Slime Trough-icon
Slime Trough decoration
Rocking Chair II-icon
Rocking Chair II decoration
Guillotine decoration
Flying Witch Cat-icon
Flying Witch Cat decoration
Duck in Stocks-icon
Duck in Stocks decoration
Chicken Chicken-icon
Chicken Chicken animal

Medium TombEdit

To open a Medium Tomb you will need 22 Stone Picks. When you open it you will get also Spook Point-icon 160 spook points.

Campsite II-icon
Campsite II
Floating Ghost-icon
Floating Ghost
Gargoyle Fountain-icon
Gargoyle Fountain
Glow-in-the-dark Cow-icon
Glow-in-the-dark Cow
Lava Lake-icon
Lava Lake
Pile of Candy-icon
Pile of Candy
Three Headed Dog-icon
Three Headed Dog
Troll Cave-icon
Troll Cave
Will O The Wisp-icon
Will O The Wisp

Large TombEdit

To open a Large Tomb you will need 28 Mallets. When you open it you will get also Spook Point-icon 240 spook points.

Blue Jack O Lantern Tree-icon
Blue Jack O Lantern Tree
Duckula Coffin-icon
Duckula Coffin
Great Pumpkin-icon
Great Pumpkin
Halloween Griffin-icon
Halloween Griffin
Haunted Windmill-icon
Haunted Windmill
Science Lab-icon
Science Lab
Swamp Monster-icon
Swamp Monster
Victorian Carriage-icon
Victorian Carriage
Zebra Costume Horse-icon
Zebra Costume Horse

Extra Large TombEdit

To open a Extra Large Tomb you will need 42 Mallets. When you open it you will get also Spook Point-icon 320 spook points.

Bright Candy Corn Tree-icon.png
Bright Candy Corn Tree
Ghost Tree-icon
Ghost Tree
Halloween Dragon-icon
Halloween Dragon
Haunted Hotel-icon
Haunted Hotel
Haunted Tree-icon
Haunted Tree
Horned Dragon-icon
Horned Dragon
Horse Costume Cow-icon
Horse Costume Cow
Jekyll and Hyde Sheep-icon
Jekyll and Hyde Sheep
Pig Witch-icon
Pig Witch
Pink Skeleton Horse-icon
Pink Skeleton Horse
Pink Skull Tree-icon
Pink Skull Tree
File:Plant Monster II-icon.png
Plant Monster II
Rotten Apple Tree-icon
Rotten Apple Tree
Twilight Willow Tree-icon
Twilight Willow Tree
Wizard Cow-icon
Wizard Cow

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