Time Machine
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First date available: October 12, 2012
Last date available: present
Required minimum level(s): see Template:infobox-umbrella for template instructions
Tile: see Template:infobox-generic for template instructions
Size: 2x4 (an area of 8 squares)

The Time Machine is a mini-game in FarmVille released on October 12th, 2012. You need Time Tonic-icon Time Tonics to be able to travel into each era and get 1 of 6 possible rewards (per time period). You can ask for Time Tonic via wall post every 4 hours. There are 3 different eras and a total of 18 different rewards. When you get a certain number of Flax Capacitors or Gyroscopes, you can unlock the next era. You can collect each reward more than once, and you do not have to collect all reward types in order to progress to the next time period. Once you unlock travel to a time period, you may switch tabs for travel between unlocked time periods.

The 1970sEdit

Travel requires 5 Time Tonics. In The 1970s, rewards are: Hustlin' Cow, Lava Lamp Tree, Hippie Horse, Studio 45 Gnome, Peace Flower seeds, and either Flax Capacitors or Unwither. When you get 5 Flax Capacitors you will unlock travel to the Victorian Era, and the Flax Capacitor reward will be replaced with an Unwither reward.

Hustlin Cow-icon Lava Lamp Tree-icon Hippie Horse-icon Studio 45 Gnome-icon Peace Flower-icon Flax Capacitor-icon     Unwither-icon
Hustlin' Cow Lava Lamp Tree Hippie Horse Studio 45 Gnome Peace Flower Flax Capacitor     Unwither
The Unwither will replace the Flax Capacitor when the Victorian Era is unlocked

Victorian Era Edit

Unlock requires 5 Flax Capacitors. Travel requires 10 Time Tonics. In the Victorian Era, rewards are: Queen Victoria's Dog, Lacey Parasol Tree, Buckingham Horse, Duchess Gnome, Ivy seeds, and either Gyroscopes or Unwither. When you get 10 Gyroscopes you will unlock Feudal Japan, and the Gyroscope reward will be replaced with an Unwither reward.

Queen Victorias Dog-icon Lacey Parasol Tree-icon Buckingham Horse-icon Duchess Gnome-icon Ivy-icon Gyroscope-icon     Unwither-icon
Queen Victoria's Dog Lacey Parasol Tree Buckingham Horse Duchess Gnome Ivy Gyroscope     Unwither
The Unwither will replace the Gyroscope when Feudal Japan is unlocked

Feudal Japan Edit

Unlock requires 10 Gyroscopes. Travel requires 15 Time Tonics. In Feudal Japan, rewards are: Nunchaku Turtle, Ume Tree, Warrior Horse, Geisha Gnome, Cherry Blossom seeds, and Unwither.

Nunchaku Turtle-icon Ume Tree-icon Warrior Horse-icon Geisha Gnome-icon Cherry Blossom-icon Unwither-icon
Nunchaku Turtle Ume Tree Warrior Horse Geisha Gnome Cherry Blossom Unwither

Gallery Edit

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