• when I try to upload a image for Kidney Bean 66, it tells me to create a new page. Its the same for Jungle Blackberry extra 100. Is the Image upload broken? Please take a look at this Special:Upload and fix this as soon as possible. Thanks.

    And thanks to all for noiminating me again, everyboday!

    Recorder18 (talk) 20:25, August 6, 2014 (UTC)

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    • I think I see the problem -- when you click on the File:Kidney Bean 66.png link in the growth phases you get a popup that is asking you to create a new page or use a default page

      1. Pay attention to the name it is trying to give it!!
      2. When I click the link it gives the default name of "Special:Upload" which is not a valid name -- it should be "File:Kidney Bean 66.png" - for some reason the name is not being passed along inside of the link when it goes to the [[Special:Upload]] page.
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    • I did send in a report of this problem to Wikia via the [[Special:Contact]] link.

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    • This is the reply I have received

      George Marbulcanti (Kirkburn), Aug 07 03:58 PM:

      Hello, Thanks for the report - we have noticed this issue as well: it certainly shouldn't be happening. We'll try and get it fixed as soon as possible. As a quick workaround, you can right-click the link and choose to open it in a new tab - that will avoid the confusing dialog.

      Apologies for this issue, and best regards,

      George Marbulcanti (Kirkburn) Wikia Community Support

      Want to learn more about Wikia?

      Check out Wikia University:

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    • Interesting. I'm glad Jrooksjr sent a message to Special:Contact. There are a couple of bugs happening there (the file upload is broken, and you're getting prompted to create a page that already exists).

      Hopefully it will be resolved quickly. And hopefully the resolution will fix the other problems we've had with pages in the "Special" namespace.

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    • Hi guys! I just wanted to report that I used the workaround for Kidney Bean 66 png and it worked, but directly clicking on the red link it still goes to Special:Upload. Hope this information helps and hope it gets resolved soon. Thanks guys!

      Recorder18 (talk) 20:02, August 7, 2014 (UTC)

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    • A FANDOM user
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