• On my wiki " Ikariam ", I had updated the {{Navbox}} template to the more current version found on Wikipedia and I added a few additional settings and have had them for a while -- so I have now copied it over to this wiki along with the CSS code that was missing from this wiki, which was just about all of the class settings.

    I set a few of the default colors based on the {{Nav-quest}} template. As a result of this - you no longer need to set the background color, padding, and such when you use {{Navbox}} now and I varried one of the colors to make the odd and even cells vary enough that you can tell 1 line from the other without being blatantly obvious.

    Here is an example

    |name=Message Wall:Vandraedha
    |group1=Group 1
    |list1=List 1
    |group2=Group 2
    |list2=List 2
    |group3=Group 3
         |title=Group 3 Title
         |group1=Group 3.1
         |list1=List 3.1
         |group2=Group 3.2
              |title=Group 3.2 Title
              |group1=Group 3.2.1
              |list1=List 3.2.1
              |group2=Group 3.2.2
              |list2=List 3.2.2
    |list5=List 5
    |group6=Group 6
    |list8=List 8
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    • The quest template may not have been the best template to use as an example, but I appreciate your work on this and look forward to seeing how this works on the wiki.

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    • The Quest was not the only one but was the one I used to be my Example template while I was making changes ( to see the effects )

      I looked at the old Infobox-farm and it had nearly the same colors so I chose those at my primary color for the list's and group codes

      Notice there is not a color (well it is gray ) for the images if they are added.

      The Group 3.2.1 is the level 3 group -- it is white because there is no color code set for the level 3 groups so it uses the level 2 group colors

      The groups, both odd and even are the same color for now but can be set to be slightly different from each other, mainly for when there are tons of groups so that you can differentiate them more easily but that as I said is up to you -- the coding is set just not used at the moment

      I have examples like this one on the {{Navbox}} and the {{Navbox with collapsible groups}} template pages under the Examples section using the sub-section called

      Other Examples

      The " Talk page " is messing up some of the alignments of the template (The ' Hide ' button is not in the center as shown here )

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    • It's very difficult to read the link colors against the current default background color. The greens are too close together. Perhaps a lighter background color would be helpful?

      For example, see how hard it is to read Template:Nav-decoration

      If you need help picking good colors to use, you can try one of the various online tools for WCAG standards. There is a pretty helpful one at:

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    • Look now and tell me if that is better ? -- I made the primary background lighter in color and I removed the Gray image color so it is now the same as the primary background

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    • I'm not seeing a lighter primary background.

      Try looking at the colors with

      Especially look at the text/link color vs background colors. If it helps, you can make the list area closer to the background color of the page.

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    • Note what happens when I add links to the template. It's very low contrast between the links and the background.

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    • I did not set up the navboxes to be complimentary to the link colors - it is text readable

      Previously, all of the links in the old navboxes were set up like this
      [[link|<span style="color: black;">link</span>]]

      The links never displayed their link colors, as they were always displayed in black like the rest of the text

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    • I switched teh main table background color ( the images use that color ) with the list color for the odd number list

      Now the odd lists are lighter than the main color - I think we are going the wrong way -- I think the lists should be darker in order to see the link colors

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    • Tomorrow, I will switch over to the brown colors ( Zebra 3 like ) the ones that you are currently using on the wiki -- to see if that helps any

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    • I think this is better as far as link color visibility but other than that I have no idea which way to go with this now, because I am getting away from the "FarmVille Wikia" color scheme

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    • A FANDOM user
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