• Hi Vandraedha, Just getting ready to start back at catching up on editing (especially the backlog of released market items), so I was wondering whether the bot processes were finished or closed to it. The auto-populated table for Events since last editing are now showing missing parameters for dates, when you use the date format in the individual pages, this still seems to be showing a missing parameter. An example is on the auto-populated table for Enchanted Love Event shows the dates on the left hand side of commencement and completion however the Alps (2013) does not show the dates, even though they are entered on the individual page's infobox. What are you thoughts regarding this please, am I right to procede with editing. Thank you, Rose

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    • No, the bot isn't finished running. I have been very busy with RL recently. Now that I've gotten a little less busy, I will try to run the bot again.

      I need to go look up the code to fix the problem on the events table. After I find the new code, I'll run the bot on it so that no human needs to change the old code (they will just need to use the new code).

      Edit away. The bot will skip any page that is in use, so don't worry about waiting for the bot to "finish" before adding new material.

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    • Ok Thank You, Working on getting things ready.

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